Touchdown Jesus Hit By Lightning

Ohio — southwest Ohio, in particular — has made national news after this happened last night:

MONROE, OHIO — Monroe fire officials set damage at $700,000 after lightning struck and burned down a 62-foot-high Jesus Christ statue and an adjacent amphitheater at Solid Rock Church late Monday.

Church leaders are vowing to rebuild the iconic “King of Kings” statue — also dubbed “Touchdown Jesus” — which alone was valued at $300,000.

The sight of a mammoth, 62-feet high Jesus in flames caused numerous motorists to stop for pictures. According to news reports, the “Ohio State Highway Patrol is issuing warnings to those who stop — and will soon start writing citations, a dispatcher for the patrol’s Lebanon post said.”

The Dayton Daily News goes more in depth, getting this quote from Dawn Smith, 25, one of the onlookers last night as the structure was burning: “I had to see it. What else are you going to do on a Monday night?”


10 thoughts on “Touchdown Jesus Hit By Lightning

  1. This was the only topic of conversation among doctors in the ER at the University of Michigan hospital today. (Well, you know, other than patient care.)

  2. Three different people greeted me today by asking, “Did you hear about Touchdown Jesus?”

    p.s. Are you in med school now too?

  3. No. The medical community is not quite ready for Dr. McDevitt, I assure you. One of my friends here is in his last year of residency at UM and is working the ER rotation right now. This information comes from him.

    (Actually, it’s a Kenyon grad — Adam Marks, who was in my class. He and Alexis, his wife and also a Kenyon ’01 grad, have been in Ann Arbor for a few years now.)

    I have also heard people bitterly contesting whether this was “touchdown Jesus” or “butter Jesus.” I admit to not knowing the details of either one. But I hope these confused folks can sort our their Jesuses soon.

  4. “Touchdown Jesus” was also dubbed “Butter Jesus” by comedian Heywood Banks in his song, “Big Butter Jesus.” There’s even a Wikipedia page about it.

    If the medical community is not quite ready for Dr. McDevitt, perhaps prime time television is? You could be the first TV character to perform ministerial duties by day and emergency tracheotomies by night. I’d tune in!

  5. “I think he (Jesus) couldn’t have gotten this much advertising if we had paid a billion dollars,” she said Tuesday.

    That’s the winner right there.

  6. So, my mom just called to say the scroll on her evening news mentioned something about “a Virgin Mary image in the ashes.” Frantically trying to confirm.

    Fingers crossed.

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