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Wandering Rocks Enters Phase 2.0

Also known as “The Re-Blooming.”

Though we pooh-poohed his free music, we intend to take Eric Bescak up on his invitation to get back on the Ulysses wagon. With Bloomsday just around the corner, Eric has taken Wandering Rocks — the Ulysses online reading group/social media experience — to phase 2.0.

For those of you who were deeply scarred by the first go round, why, you must be asking, would one ever attempt such tomfoolery again?

We don’t have a good answer to that question, other than this: we told Eric over some drinks at Habits that we’d be on board. (Yes, this was several drinks in.)

And so we will.

(Eric also goaded us by asking if we were “seriously … going to raise a child without having read Ulysses,” adding, “That’s embarrassing. Good luck meeting your child’s adoring gaze.”)

For those of you who want to join the ride, Eric has condensed our progress to date into 204 tweets — one per page — with the promise of fifteen more to come before Wednesday. So you can at least read that post and boast to strangers at your next cocktail party that you read two hundred pages of Joyce in under ten minutes.


2 thoughts on “Wandering Rocks Enters Phase 2.0

  1. Thank you for the attention, but those 15 catch-up tweets are going to have to wait. Parsing a modernist rendering of a lit-crit laden debate on Hamlet is no joke. Especially when you’re trying not to screw up the management of a NYC tradeshow event for a multinational corporation.

    BTW…and I’ve wanted to bring this up for awhile now…did you know that the most popular post on all of Wandering Rocks is your “padded” post on the Sirens episode in the Odyssey?…

    Although I would like to think it has mostly to do with our fascinating exchange in the comments on Bonepony and Prof. Lentz’s moral character, I know to think that it most likely has to do with your lame reference to the Elle MacPherson masterpiece, “Sirens”… for which your post must come up 2nd in a some “Sirens” movie keyword search. It warms my heart to no small degree that no less than 5 people a day visit Wandering Rocks foraging for super model nudie pics.

    Thank you.

  2. I suspect Elle MacPheson is solely responsible for any attention that post continues to receive. How sorely disappointed all those horny teenage boys must be when they visit the site.

    Don’t let your multinational corporation down!

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