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Friday Recommends: Seeing MacGruber on Opening Night

We are!


One thought on “Friday Recommends: Seeing MacGruber on Opening Night

  1. MacGruber is a spoof on a 20-year-old TV show that predates many of the audience members sitting around us in the theater tonight. Like most SNL spoofs, it has a threadbare premise and sophomoric humor. At the end of every skit, MacGruber inevitably blows himself — and his girlfriend Vicki, or his son, or his father, or whichever character the host of the show is that night — to smithereens.

    You may find this beneath you, or lowbrow, or simply not funny. But us? We eat it up.

    The feature length movie is, to no one’s surprise, a puerile, violent and exceedingly crude 99 minutes of Will Forte wearing a terrible wig, slitting bad guys’ throats and receding into fits of infantile dysfunction. Forte, like SNL alum Will Ferrell, seems quite comfortable without pants, and makes creative use of a piece of celery. Some truly crass scenes aside (please, let the 70-something women keep their shirts on), MacGruber is about as good as SNL skits-turned-movies come. It’s not really giving away the ending to say that when MacGruber throws his archnemsis Dieter Von Cunth (Val Kilmer) off a cliff, riddles him full of bullets, blows up his bloody corpse and then urinates on the ashes — all of which takes place at MacGruber’s wedding to hottie Vicki St. Elmo (Kristen Wiig) — well, that’s just a pretty awesome ending.

    But why wasn’t Shia LaBeouf cast in the role of Ryan Phillippe?

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