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The Silent Beekeeper

We blogged about Erin’s mom earlier this week; now it is her father who has stepped into the media limelight and merits attention. In this exclusive video from WLWT News 5 in Cincinnati, Jon Beers is the heroic (but silent) beekeeper who saves this man’s home and his children from a bee swarm. “I thought he was going to come out with the moon suit on,” said local resident Jeremy Tye. No, Jeremy. Moon suits are for wusses.

(Our favorite moment from the clip? Sheree Paolello exclaiming “Bees!”, before adding it was “like a scene out of a horror movie.” Way to sell it, Sheree.)


5 thoughts on “The Silent Beekeeper

  1. What does it say about our culture that a bunch of bees flying around is “like a scene out of a horror movie”? As Mr. Beers showed, there’s not much danger from a swarm of honeybees.

    But then, I want me some bees.

  2. This is so awesome. I’m saddened at the state of Cincinnati reporting though that Jon G didn’t even get a name shout out…come on, he’s the hero of the film!

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