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I Hope This Doesn’t Mean Our Baby Will Be Flighty…

The theme of our nursery, if we have one at all, is birds. My (Erin) mom is a brilliant artist and she lent her craft to one of the walls of the nursery. Enjoy!






10 thoughts on “I Hope This Doesn’t Mean Our Baby Will Be Flighty…

  1. That looks great! Baby Vore has a very stylish room to live in!! I must say that I’m pleased that we have some of Mrs. Beers’s masterpieces in our home as well!

  2. During close examination of your photos, I noticed that there is four outlet electrical receptacle at the base of the tree. It doesn’t appear to be either a tamper resistant receptacle (best) or a receptacle with the child safety plugs (ok, but the kids sometimes pull them out and eat them).

  3. I don’t understand this comment.

    Is she saying that she thinks an exposed electrical outlet, which happens to present a serious safety risk for your unborn child, is gorgeous?

    Why is no one taking this threat seriously?

  4. Mike, we want our baby to grow up a realist. Everything about that wall is symbolic. The birds are happy in their bird utopia, while the happy-looking worms (who have eyes, but no mouth–surely they’d be frowning?) are being plucked from the ground, and just in case our baby doesn’t get the message that it’s a dangerous world, we’ve got an electrical outlet as a reminder. I’m 99% sure it will be covered by the time baby arrives. It also may be exchanged for a dark brown cover for extra sneakiness.

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