Friday Recommends

Friday Recommends: The Man Purse

Not everyone understands the man purse. Not everyone is comfortable enough with his masculinity to embrace it. For the strong, there is nothing so fashionable — nor so convenient — as the man satchel. We cannot recommend it enthusiastically enough.

A warning to those men who proudly wear their Timbuk2 bag in public: You will be mocked. Your friends will mock you. Beer commercials will mock you. When you open your high school yearbook to reminisce, Bobby Peterson will mock you, just like he did every day in 10th grade Biology class. (That bastard.)

No matter. Wear your man purse proudly. Tom Brady does!

Fact: The man purse will enhance your sex life.

To the fashionally illiterate who may have difficulty identifying a man purse, here is a helpful diagram:

It’s not complicated. If it’s a man, and he’s carrying a purse, it’s a man purse. And he’s a man’s man.


6 thoughts on “Friday Recommends: The Man Purse

  1. I like it that you don’t give up.

    Most people would’ve long ago had a full body wax, bought a toupe, and let their wife have her purse back.

    Nicely done Ben Vore.

  2. I’ve seen Mike’s wedding suit. He has no right to talk shite about a man purse. I think CCC bought him a man purse and he’s trying to grow a pair so he can actually use it as he knows it’s quite handy. I think we know you’re not gay Mike. Relax already.

  3. That stings. I don’t know why you would say these things. You know I can dish it out but not take it.

    I’m taking my GI Joes and going home dammit.

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