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Lost Forum: “The Last Recruit”

Last night’s episode made us temporarily reconsider yesterday’s reconsideration. At the very least, we must confess to poor timing; our “Lost” defense came before one of this season’s most listless, unsurprising hours. The plot was overstuffed, the focus diffuse. We needed a bigger payoff than the inevitable Sun-Jin reunion (already spoiled in previews) — everyone knew it was coming, eventually, and we really didn’t care. (A Sawyer-Juliet reunion would’ve been another matter.) Nothing in the Sideways story struck us as especially inspired. We knew Jack would eventually operate on Locke (although the moment Jack realizes it, gazing down at the mirror attached to the operating table, was a nice reveal). We knew there would be more coincidences and convergences — Claire and Desmond running into Jack (and, inexplicably, Ilana); Sun and Locke being carted into the hospital side-by-side; cop Sawyer and convict Kate trading witty repartee. The Desmond-Sayid conversation was the most intriguing scene of the night, and we suspect Sayid found a way to free Desmond. (How, who knows.) The sailboat conversation between Jack and Sawyer was the only other moment of real import, and Jack doing a pencil into the ocean reminded us of Sawyer jumping out of the helicopter at the end of season 4.

But that’s about all we have to offer. Last night was all set up: getting people in the right places for the finale.

Recaps from Zap2It and Doc Jensen (we echo his sentiment that Lapidus’s commentary during Sun & Jin’s reunion — “looks like someone got their voice back” — was “the most cornball moment in the history of ‘Lost'”).

We’re off to paint the nursery.


3 thoughts on “Lost Forum: “The Last Recruit”

  1. Do you guys feel grateful / relieved / perplexed / flummoxed as these “answers to mysteries” trickle out? Because I have no response whatsoever. Why Jack’s dad was roaming around the jungle has been something I’ve wondered about for a long time. But when we learned Tuesday night that it was actually the Man in Black shape-shifting (or whatever), here was my thought bubble: “Oh.” That’s it. Shouldn’t it have been a bigger payoff? I think this is the key drawback of the MiB / Bad Locke character. I don’t care. Why should I? They only introduced him in the opening moments of last season’s finale, then have only shown him (prior to taking over Locke’s body — or whatever) in fleeting moments since. I think this gamble on the writers’ part has failed, and miserably. I hope they redeem it in the end, but they are running out of time and I don’t have high hopes.

    On another note, I nominate Ilana for “Character Who Looks the Most Different When S/He Showers and Doesn’t Have Bandages All Over Her/His Face” Award. Kudos Ilana!

    I laughed out loud at Lapidus’s line, and watched it several times. That Lapidus!

  2. I think many of this season’s revelations have just felt perfunctory. They’ve had an over-obvious quality, like the writers are nudging us in the ribs saying, “See, we answered that one for you! You didn’t think we’d remember, did you?” If these are the answers the writers have been waiting to give us, I’d rather they remain unanswered.

    The revelations from the past two weeks in particular — Hurley discovering the origin of the voices, and MiB as Christian/dead people — have left me nonplussed. Although I don’t know if I believe MiB when he says he was Christian. (The same way I don’t believe all this hooey about, “Don’t let him talk to you or you’re on his side forever.”)

    As for Lapidus, given that he’s literally had five lines all season, I guess it makes sense that they’d give him a stinker like that one. Of everyone in the cast, he’s the one who appears to be the most baffled as to why he’s still on the show or what happens next. I bet he’s writing the script for Lawnmower Man 3 in his head in between takes.

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