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The Scott Hastings Shoe Cam

Those of you who’ve been participating in the 2010 NBA Playoffs Readers Forum know about the alleged Scott Hastings Shoe Cam. Those of you who haven’t, allow us to enlighten you:

Scott Hastings played in the NBA for eleven years and won an NBA championship with the 1990 Detroit Pistons. He also played for the New York Knicks, Atlanta Hawks, Miami Heat and — just to dip his toe in the Western Conference — Denver Nuggets. He holds the NBA record for the most consecutive games without a steal (65 games), a stretch that spanned a three year period (89-92).

Hastings currently hosts a radio show on 104.3 The Fan in Denver and does color commentary for the Nuggets. I know this because Tad Smith e-mailed him yesterday. This is what Tad wrote:

Scott, I grew up cheering for the Pistons and later the Nuggets when you played with them in the 80’s & 90’s. I always appreciated your sense of humor and, as a fellow player who didn’t exactly see the floor a heck of a lot, loved how you approached the game. I might be crazy, but I remember a episode of NBA Inside Stuff where you had a “shoe cam” which was essentially a giant camcorder strapped to your shoes. I also vaguely remember you taking some all-stars on a cruise and skeet shooting off the side of the ship (or did I dream this?). Anywho, I have a friend who does not believe that said shoe-cam ever existed. Can you confirm or deny the existence of the invention that was well ahead of its time? You can read his disbelief for yourself in the comments section of his blog. Thanks for the time Scott, and go Nuggets! Tad Smith

Twenty minutes later, Tad got this response from

That was me, inside nba actually ran the shoe cam episode! We did a new bit weekly! Had some silly funny stuff! Good times! Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Our in-house IT staff is feverishly working to determine the authenticity of this e-mail. (Translation: Scooter Thomas is passed out belly up in the hallway.)

What have we learned from all this?

  1. Scott Hastings apparently has some free time on his hands these days. He also has a Verizon Wireless Blackberry.
  2. Tad Smith apparently has some free time on his hands these days.
  3. Since we’re writing about this, we apparently have some free time on our hands these days.
  4. There is still no third party confirmation of the existence of said shoe cam, nor has anyone turned up any actual video footage of it on the Internet. And believe me, there’s not much you can hide on the Internet.
  5. Without Andrei Kirilenko or Mehmet Okur, the Utah Jazz stand a 2% chance of beating Denver in their first round match-up.

Anyone with information either confirming or denying the existence of the shoe cam is encouraged to come forward. And if you have footage of NBA All-Stars skeet-shooting off the side of a ship (which, notably, Hastings did not confirm ever happened), well, that’d be fun to watch too.

If you haven’t joined the conversation at the NBA Readers Forum yet, we think you’re missing out. Go to there.


9 thoughts on “The Scott Hastings Shoe Cam

  1. Club Trillion.

    “The word was, in fact, invented by Scott Hastings…way back in 1990: “Scott Hastings, little-used Piston forward, who claims to lead the NBA in a category that he calls the ‘trillion’: ‘That’s when the box score reads one minute played followed by 0-0, 0-0, 0-0, 0 0 0.'”

    This was further expounded on in, of all things, a 2006-07 NBA Media Guide: “Some years back ex-player Scott Hastings devised the Trillion Club. To become a member you must play in an NBA game (no minimum time) and do absolutely nothing since 15 zeros follow the minute column. (A commitee voted to allow a player to join the club if he only had a personal foul.)” So yeah: Hastings had a Trillion Club waaaay before their was a Club Trillion.”

  2. Rgarding the link on #4 (and I’m SURE you’re surprised I would comment on this)…

    Are you wearing a dead animal or is it several dead animals?

  3. Dear Mike,

    Ben and I actually had a body hair conversation last night! This is how it went:

    Ben: Honey, did you ever imagine you’d marry someone with so much hair?
    Erin: How much hair?
    (Ben removes shirt and bursts into evil, violent laughter)
    Erin: No! [Erin runs out of room screaming.]

  4. That’s not exactly how the conversation went, but we did talk about my body hair last night. Weird.

    Here’s the thing about this so-called shoe cam:

    I watched virtually every Inside Stuff between the years of 1990-1995. I had a VCR tape queued up to tape the Jam Session segment every week. I vividly recall many of the episodes, my favorite one being when John Stockton pretended to be a reporter at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona and asked random Spaniards who their favorite Dream Teamer was (and not one recognized him!). And I never — not once — recall a Scott Hastings shoe cam, much less NBA All-Stars skeet shooting off a cruise ship.

    I would very much like to believe in its existence. I really would. But I’m a doubting Thomas here until I get visual proof.

    1. The way I understood Scott’s (first name basis, I know) e-mail was that it was actually a bit they did on Inside the NBA. Which could very well be the case. According to the venerable Wikipedia, Inside the NBA began airing in 1988, which would have made it highly possible…nay, highly likely….that Scott Hastings would have a giant camcorder tied to his shoe.

      1. I watched a lot of Inside the NBA episodes too, but I can’t rightfully claim to have seen every single one. So I suppose it’s possible that a Scott Hastings shoe cam segment aired on that program. I wouldn’t go so far as likely though.

        Mike, I was referring to both the layout and the texture.

  5. Hi Erin. I hope you’re enjoying your pregnancy.

    I’m glad that we agree on the grossness of Ben’s hairiness.

    We should send him through a Nair carwash on a bigwheel. I think it would help.

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