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Where Shenanigans Happen Redux: A Special NBA Playoffs Readers Forum (or, “If You Think Yellow Thunder Won’t Bring Up Baron Davis’s Dunk Over Andrei Kirilenko in Game Three of the 2007 Jazz/Warriors Series, I Have a Bridge In Brooklyn To Sell You”)


In the brief history of this blog, no post has been more frequently commented upon or viewed than last year’s NBA Playoffs Thread, which made reference to the expression “I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you,” an expression Ben was previously unfamiliar with. To quote Wikipedia, “References to ‘selling the Brooklyn Bridge’ abound in American culture, sometimes as examples of rural gullibility but more often in connection with an idea that strains credulity.” Ironically, the popularity of this post may have less to do with its subject matter — we surely have lost twice as many readers for our incessant Utah Jazz/NBA blogging as we gained — and more to do with the fact that, somehow or another, we landed on the first page of images when you Google “Brooklyn Bridge.” The search term “Brooklyn Bridge” is almost always the top way that people find our blog on a daily basis. Unless they are rabid Jazz fans or enjoy pictures of obese cats, it’s unlikely they hang around long.

We are resurrecting the image this year to launch the 2010 NBA Playoffs Readers Forum. You’ll also notice the Brooklyn Bridge has replaced those two semi-nude wrestlers on the sidebar who previously served as a link to Wandering Rocks, our well-intentioned, ill-fated attempt to read and group blog Ulysses. All throughout the playoffs — even if, heaven forbid, Utah disappears after the first round — you can comment on this thread with your thoughts and insights, no matter how tangential they may be to actual basketball. Some questions to kick us off: Who will win it all this year? Can Utah survive long enough (i.e., get to the second round) for Andrei Kirilenko to return from a strained left calf? Will George Karl’s absence on the bench affect the Denver Nuggets? Will Kevin Durant make a splash in his playoff debut? Are the Lakers out of gas? Who will be this year’s Mikael Pietrus, i.e., the role player who plays out of his mind and develops a bizarre tic such as bobbing his head like a goof after every jumper? Will a championship ring keep LeBron in Cleveland? Will Ric Bucher retire in shame for predicting that the Celtics will make the Eastern Conference Finals? Will Yellow Thunder bring his A game even though the Warriors have nothing to look forward to but the draft lottery (and the silky, smooth jumper of Jon Scheyer)? Will Andrew Cashmere’s investment in a LeBron jersey last November pay off? Will Scott Guldin challenge Rajon Rondo to a good, old-fashioned duel … to the death??

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170 thoughts on “Where Shenanigans Happen Redux: A Special NBA Playoffs Readers Forum (or, “If You Think Yellow Thunder Won’t Bring Up Baron Davis’s Dunk Over Andrei Kirilenko in Game Three of the 2007 Jazz/Warriors Series, I Have a Bridge In Brooklyn To Sell You”)

  1. I’ve been curious to hear your thoughts about Tom Thibodeau. What’s the story?

    Will he learn to call Kirk Hinrich by his real name?

    Does he like pasta?

    The interesting thing about Game 3, as I’ve replayed it in my head, is that Kobe did nothing in the 4th quarter. Yes, he hit a big jumper late and got a turnover off Garnett. But there were sets when the Lakers didn’t even bother getting him involved.

    Still, I tasted, smelt and felt his desire.

    It smelled like ass.

    1. I think Mr. Thibs was probably the best they could have done. I definitely didn’t want them to hire anybody from the Avery Johnson / Lawrence Frank / Mo Cheeks scrapheap. The “con” side is that Thibodeau could very well be crazy, and might have a nervous breakdown by November. But he’ll probably get most of his players’ names right. So there’s that.

      I don’t understand all the fanfare surrounding Tom Izzo. Who was the last person to make the college-pro transition in the NBA successfully? I can’t think of one.

  2. That was a satisfying ending.

    And a miserable first half.

    I think Nate Robinson is clinically insane.

    And the spittle hanging from Glenn Davis’s mouth scared me. I thought he was going to walk into the stands and kill a guy.

  3. RE: the Ron Artest off-balance three-pointer in the closing moments of Game 2 which I referenced in an earlier comment:

    SI’s current article “LA X Factor,” written by Lee Jenkins, opens with a description of this exact play:

    “Ron Artest caught the inbounds pass in the backcourt and froze for a moment, like a linebacker who’d had a fumble bounce into his arms and needed to remind himself to run with it. He dribbled across half-court, haltingly at first, the ball bouncing high enough to hit him in the chin. Then he settled down and made himself comfortable. Really comfortable. The Lakers were down eight points, 1:12 remaining in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, the whole team in a hurry except for Artest. Center Andrew Bynum popped out to set a screen at the three-point line, but Artest did not use it. Then Bynum dropped down into the post, but Artest did not feed him. Instead, he took two dribbles backward and glanced at Kobe Bryant, who had a hand raised. But Artest did not pass to him either. He kept dribbling, across the court, through the paint, straight into Celtics forwards Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. With no opening to exploit, Artest turned back toward the three-point line, where Derek Fisher was unguarded and begging for the ball. But Artest had come too far to give it up. He pump-faked three times, and to a chorus of groans from the Staples Center crowd, launched an off-balance heave under Pierce’s right arm. The ball smacked the side of the rim. Artest had dribbled 17 times, taken 14 seconds off the clock and produced what Los Angeles coach Phil Jackson called ‘one of the more unusual sequences I’ve ever witnessed.'”

    That pretty much sums it up.

    1. Now imagine watching this play unfold 40 times a game, alternating the protagonist between Artest, Ron Mercer and Marcus Fizer, and you’ve just imagined the Tim Floyd Bulls.

  4. Celtics win Game 5. A very satisfying result.

    Though it’s hard to believe Ray Allen did not hit a single three in Boston. He hit 7 in one half!

    Gasol was the only Laker besides Bryant in double figures scoring, and he didn’t get there until late in the 4th.

    I think the crowd was too loud for the TV audience to hear the collective groan of ABC producers when Mark Jackson pulled out the phrase “Grand Theft Rondo.”


      1. I don’t feel as dirty as you probably do, given the ill will between Celtics/Bulls fans and what happened last year. But I know, months or maybe years from now, I’ll look back on this Finals and think, “Did I really sell my soul to root for Nate Robinson?”

        Do you think it ends tonight?

  5. The Celtics get it handed to them in Game 6. I didn’t tune in until halftime, and I tuned out not long after.

    In other sporting news, the Pirates have now lost nine straight. Only Baltimore stands between them and the MLB cellar.

    Scott, buddy, I’m 99% sure you’re the only one still with me here, so — thanks. You’re my man.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Shelden Williams has smelly poops.

  6. Good call on Shelden Williams. If he had some Boozer-style Taco Meat, he might have made the worst college-roommate-who-went-to-the-NBA ever. Can you think of someone worse?

    Have you seen this?
    What do you think of the new Jazz logo / colors?

    I had class last night, but listened to the second quarter on the radio (Hubie & Dr. Jack TOGETHER!). Yikes. I don’t have much hope for the Celtics in Game 7 if, as Chris Sheridan reports, Perkins is out. He is so central to their defensive schemes. A shame, really.

  7. Lakers repeat as NBA champions with an 83-79 win in Game 7.

    It was an ugly game. I take some solace in the fact Kobe played pretty poorly, but then I recall Ron Artest’s big three, and Derek Fisher’s big three, and Sasha Vujacic’s free throws to ice it, and well, you can throw that solace out the door.


  8. Boo. You forgot Gasol’s raving lunacy. That guy is not what one would call a dream boat.

    I guess I was wrong about everything I said concerning Ron Artest.

    I feel very, very, very dirty.

    1. A dream boat, no. Or, as Erin put it last night, “He is not a good-looking man.”

      I don’t recall whether it was Mark Jackson or Jeff Van Gundy, but one of them said, after Artest scored an and-one, “You’ve got to feel happy for Ron Artest.” Really? The guy at the center of the ugliest player/fan incident in league history, and we should be happy he’s getting a ring?


  9. I hope the rings are worth rooting for a rapist at worst and an adulterer at best. The guy is also an awful teammate. He pouts, he yells at guys vastly inferior to him in talent, he is the epitome of a bad leader. Make no mistake the Lakers won because of the atrocious Gasol trade. Phuck the Fakers and I don’t even like the Rakers so much.

  10. Kurt and #17 to the Wiz for cap space. If the Bulls don’t get somebody REALLY good out of this, I might be able — nay, REQUIRED — to play for them.

    And Thibs seems like the real deal. Knew his players’ names, talked about actual strategy without using the word “thrust,” wants to turn DRose into a real-deal defender. I’m in love.

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