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Lost Forum: “Everybody Loves Hugo”

Six seasons in the jungle; zero weight loss.


“Do I look like Hurley?” Erin asked during last night’s Hugo-centric episode. This was as Ben massaged her feet. He’d been told pregnant women like that.

“You do not look like Hurley,” Ben responded.

“Why can’t he lose weight?” Erin said. There was real concern in her voice.

“I don’t know, hon,” Ben said. “This will probably be one of ‘Lost’s’ many unsolved mysteries.”

Another unsolved mystery: Why do Hurley episodes always feel vaguely unsatisfying — or, in last night’s case, crash and burn (not to mention spontaneously explode)? They had been improving since seasons 1-3, when Hurley was little but comic relief, a chance to indulge in escapist whimsy. (Season 3’s “Tricia Tanaka is Dead” remains, in Ben’s estimation, “Lost’s” worst hour.) But they still fail to deliver a real jolt — and, as was the case last night, Hurley was upstaged in the final act by Man in Black/Locke and the best thing going for the show right now: Desmond. Just give him the ball and let him run, please.

Thoughts and observations:

The show’s most ridiculous deaths usually occur in Hurley episodes. Whether it was Ilana blowing up last night (Seriously, writers? You introduced us to this character — this dry, humorless, thoroughly uninteresting character — at the eleventh hour, and gave her nearly as much screen time this season as Sawyer, only to blow her up like Arzt just because, what, you could? Do you think this is funny?? Do you know how much time we’ve invested in this show??? AAAAARRRRRRRRGGGHH!!), or Tricia Tanaka being hit by a meteorite, or Frogurt being speared by flaming arrows, Hurley episodes seem to be vehicles for cartoonish mass death. Maybe there’s something in Jorge Garcia’s contract that stipulates his episodes must feature as many explosions as a Jerry Bruckheimer film.

(Zap2It gets in a great “Boom Goes The Dynamite” joke at Ilana’s expense in its recap.)

Cynthia Watros (Libby) sure looked old. Or maybe the producers were just going for “mental hospital frazzled.” One of last night’s only successful moments: the kiss on the beach, and the silent snapshots of island memories flooding Hurley’s brain.

Harold Perrineau (Michael) sure isn’t missed. It’s been nice to see everyone back for the final season (we’re still waiting for Mr. Eko, Ana Lucia, Nikki & Paulo, Rousseau, Shannon, Walt, Vincent … and, of course, Karl), but last night reminded us that we sure haven’t missed Michael, yet another humorless, one-note character. (“WALLLLLLLLLLLLT!”) Though his appearance did answer the question of what the whispers are. (He tells Hurley they are the voices of “those that can’t move on”; he says he is trapped on the island because of what he did, i.e., kill Ana Lucia and Libby.)

We need more Jack. Love him or hate him, Jack is one of the show’s best, most complex characters … and unlike others, he has changed and evolved as fully as anyone else on the show. His speech to Hurley last night — “You have no idea how hard it is for me to sit back and listen to other people tell me what I should do. But I think maybe that’s the point. Maybe I’m supposed to let go” — was unimaginable coming from the Jack Shephard who first crash-landed on the island. As the episode’s final face-off between MIB/Locke and Jack suggested (we forgot that this was the first time those two have laid eyes on each other), Jack will be central to the show’s ending. But not as central as …

DESMOND! He’s the new off-island Jacob (and maybe the new one on it too?), steering Hurley to his fateful beach date with Libby and then steering his car over Locke in the school parking lot … revenge for letting Island Locke/MIB throw him down a well (though next week’s preview assures us that no, Des is not dead). The well scene was great if only for the moment that MIB/Locke realized he does not have the same power over Desmond that he does everyone else. “Why aren’t you afraid?” he asked. “What’s the point in being afraid?” Des responds. Snap, son! MIB/Locke has met his match.

The ridiculous Ilana death aside, we’re also left to wonder what the point of all the on-island chess maneuvering has been this season. Our castaways went from a blown-up hatch to a mysterious temple, which was destroyed a third of the way into the season … then split into two camps, both of which definitely do not want to meet because then it will be on like Donkey Kong … and then, last night, in a display of machismo that turned out to be a total fraud, Hurley claimed that Jacob told him to go find MIB/Locke, only he confesses to Jack that Jacob said no such thing, but then they go ahead with it anyway … because?

The only logical answer, regrettably, is that there are six more hours to go, and we’ve got to get a move on. Plot expediency trumps reason.

Sawyer complained to MIB/Locke that they were sitting around in Camp Smokey “twiddling our damn thumbs.” “There’s a difference between ‘doing nothing’ and ‘waiting,'” Locke tells him. They sure looked the same last night.



14 thoughts on “Lost Forum: “Everybody Loves Hugo”

  1. No mention of weirdo kid in jungle who resembled a slightly insane Peter Pan? Is this Nevernever land? Who is Tinkerbell? Discuss.

  2. 1) As I mentioned to Ben in my text last night, the creepiest part of the show was Willy Wonka showing up in next week’s previews.

    2) We found out what the whispers are. I was okay with the answer. The actual reveal felt a bit rushed.

    3) It seems as though everyone that has died on island seems to be a bit more “aware” in the alternate timeline…..Charlie, Libby, even Daniel seemed to have a vague idea something was amiss. Whereas those still alive on the island (Desmond, Hurley) need something physical or traumatic to kick start their island memories. Is this because the consciousnesses of those who have passed only have one body to inhabit right now, the AR body?

    4) Now that AR Locke will surely be remembering his island life now that he’s been the unfortunate victim of a hit and run, will there be a battle for the island body of John Locke between Locke’s consciousness and the MIB?

  3. To pick up on Tad’s point #3, all of the most aware people in the alternate timeline/Sideways world are the most mentally unstable. “Lost” seems to be making a case for crazy people. Unless, as we suggested last week, the alternate timeline is “wrong,” i.e. not what was intended. And none of the people mentioned — Charlie, Libby, Daniel — seem that happy with their present state.

    Phil Mickelson is indeed awesome.

  4. No.

    I’ve softened a little since Tuesday night, but I still want to poop on it.

    Did you like it?

    (Am I being a snobby elitist who needs to subject myself to real TV — some Rules of Engagement, some CSI: Miami, maybe a little Chuck — so I can appreciate the good stuff again?)

    1. Wow. So bitter.

      I actually had a very similar response to LAST week’s episode, the Desmond one. Not that I didn’t enjoy watching it, but especially the day after, reading the blogs and the comments and the Internets and the LAY-DEEEEEEEES, I became very angry. I didn’t remember who Minkowski was (even now I had to look his dumb name up), and I missed several other facts / nerd tie-ins that everyone else took for granted. Watching TV shouldn’t be this hard.

      This week I was like, “Eh. Sweet. Hurley likes chicken.” I’m trying to enjoy the ride, I guess.

      1. Interesting. What does it say about the show that its most ardent fans have such wildly different reactions to these final episodes? Or what does it say about us?

        What it says about me is that I have super high expectations. Is that fair? I don’t know, but I don’t care. The writers have relished building fan’s expectations and — almost always — thrived on exceeding them. I’m not going to jump ship at the eleventh hour, but I’m getting antsy. You know, like there’s ants in my pants.

        Mike makes a good point though. It’s not a bad thing that Ilana got Arzted. I would’ve been WAY angrier had she sucked up screen time or played some crucial role in the finale. I guess the writers deserve credit for blowing up a bad idea before it got any worse. And making it ridiculously comical at that.

  5. The facade begins to crack…

    Here’s the reality folks: this season has just been ok. It was supposed to be GREAT but it’s just been ok. It seems that Ben may be moving to that thinking?

    With that said, I actually enjoyed this episode.

    How is it a bad thing that a TERRIBLE character who has been sucking up tons of screen time got Arzted?

    To Tad’s points: 1. Strongly agree unless Claire did some batshitcrazy thing that I missed.
    2. Maybe they’ll do something more with it? I think they will.
    3. Interesting.
    4. I’m not certain I agree with this statement. Desmond running Locke down (he was ALREADY in a wheelchair!) was the best moment of the night.

    Like I said, I enjoyed it. I think it fits well with a season that we’ll look back and say was a pretty good one of an awesome series.

    Last night’s biggest disappointment: Where was Cheech?

  6. I was thinking the other day about what actually useful knowledge I’ve gained from watching, reading, blogging, and obsessing over Lost. I have easily spent more time on Lost than my college minor (I’m ashamed to even wonder how it compares to time spent on my major).

    Here are two things I’ve learned:

    1. Shortly after arriving at a jungle and with no formal training, I will become an expert tracker.

    2. Never, ever, under any circumstances, for any reason, no matter what anyone tells you, or how careful you plan to be, should you ever mess with dynamite. Seriously.

  7. I just read this. As you know I didn’t watch this episode. Tomorrow night is the next episode and I will not watch. I really don’t want the fun I had with the first few seasons to be ruined by this last one since it is very, very, very, very, mediocre and bordering on the Stupid.

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