Happy Birthday, Erin!


I’m really sorry I thought you were 50. (My bad!)




p.s. I almost bought you this cake instead since I’m your “Tom Selleck Pooh Bear.”


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Erin!

  1. To be clear —

    This is not a comment on the fact my wife looks or acts like a 50-year-old. She does not.

    This is a (strained) joke at the expense of the stereotypical man who cannot remember important details like birthdays and anniversaries. Whether or not I am such a man, I’ll let my better half answer.

    Any blog post that requires an explanatory comment is probably not a good blog post.

  2. Ha! I was wondering about this… I’ve known her for only 30 years, but in my experience, the type of humor exhibited in the above blog post has never gone over well with Erin voreblog. But what do I know, I’m just her sister. Happy Birthday Erin! Do not punish Ben more than necessary for appropriate learning.

  3. Benjamin – wait for the kids to show up – it takes me a minute to figure out how old I am let alone Colleen or my significantly advanced children. I do remember the days just not the ages of the kids (since, as we all know, my children operate at an above average intelligence so I always overshoot: – right now I think Izzi is 1.5, Eliot is 3, and Lena is in the 2nd grade). Is that right?

  4. Best. Birthday. Ever. (or at least one of the…)

    Also, for my final gift, Ben promised to get a cake in his likeness with sprinkles for 5 o’clock shadow and chest hair. Mmmm.

  5. Happy B-day Ervore. Your birthday present? The best episode of LOST ever. Look forward to the breakdown.

    Congrats on 30 solid years of bog wenchness!

  6. 1st: Happy (belated) Birthday Erin.

    2nd: There are not enough sprinkles in the world to accurately depict Ben’s werewolf-like chest. And that’s gross.

    3rd: Second grade is not an age, Erik. You’re a terrible father. In fact, I’m pretty certain the boy’s name isn’t Eliot. I think it’s Carl or Chris or something that starts with a “C”.

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