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Friday Recommends: Surfer Blood, Astro Coast


We are head-over-heels for Surfer Blood’s debut album, Astro Coast, highly recommended to us first by Ben’s brother Dan. Dan, being a child of the 90s, loves himself some Weezer, and at first listen that’s the easy comparison to make. Astro Coast is packed with killer guitar hooks; the first single, Swim, will have you sharpening your air guitar skills tout de suite.

But say you are the refined sort of music listener, one who casts a suspicious eye on anything too likable and toe-tapping to possibly be good for you, musically-speaking. Say, in other words, you are Jerry Grit. Well, you’ll love it too! Because he was the next person to recommend it to us. And because Jerry was also somewhat a child of the 90s (he skipped prom to see Pavement), he loves himself some Built to Spill, Stephen Malkmus and Dinosaur Jr. These are each, in their own way, apt comparisons too.

Far from being a one-hit wonder, Astro Coast is a blast from start to finish. True to its name (and the band’s home, Florida), it has a surf-rock vibe to match its indie rock sensibilities. (This is probably another reason why Dan, who was in a band called Surfside in high school and seriously contemplated becoming a beach bum, loves it.) “Swim” aside, our two favorite songs are “Fast Jabroni” and “Anchorage.” “Fast Jabroni” builds into a monster jam that the band sustains for one ass-kicking minute, while “Anchorage,” the longest song on the album, ends with lead singer John Paul Pitts singing “I just want volcanoes to erupt and thaw me out” over a propulsive guitar solo and a siren sound that rings over and over like a beacon.

So, there’s something for everyone here.

In other Friday Recommends news, congrats to one-time guest blogger and reliable commenter Mike Allen on his engagement. It’s about time.

She’s a lucky woman! Don’t let her forget it.


9 thoughts on “Friday Recommends: Surfer Blood, Astro Coast

  1. What I find most interesting about this post is the link to me and Mike’s old post. Read that last paragraph – what did I say about vore+ and a baby and Mr. Allen and marriage……why does no one listen to me. I’m like Nostradamus bitches – I know. I just know.

  2. Dan beat me to this? Gegh. I completely recall the recommendation.

    In it’s place, I recommend “Stroke: Songs for Chris Knox”…a tribute to New Zealand’s Bob Pollard (Tall Dwarves, Enemy, etc). The dude’s hospitalized, so there’s the sympathy factor. But he’s also amazing with a bunch of allstars covering his Kiwi-style Velvet Underground tunes… Jay Reatard (rip), YLT, Lambchop, Bonnie “Prince.” Even the dude from Neutral Milk Hotel came out of his weird retirement.

    Take it up a notch, people. We’re all going to die!

    1. He’s back!

      We omitted that Ellen, Erin’s sister, recommended them as well — after she recommended Dan Brown’s newest book.

      We also took you up on Visqueen and Megafaun. You’re not going to retract those too, are you?

  3. You didn’t get Noah and the Whale? I told you to get Noah and the Whale first!! Why didn’t you get Noah and the Whale??? Why doesn’t anyone listen to me???

    I know things!

  4. Did Dante have to say the numbers meant something? Did Melville have to say the whale was more than a whale? What happened to your interpretive powers, oh attentive reader!? I write with levels, dude.

    Seriously, “The First Days of Spring” will make you load your drawers.

  5. You dropped the sh-word? Yikes. What’s happened to this blog? Down the drain with the rest of the rest of the Internet trash.

    And aren’t you having a child? I can’t wait for the li’l tike to discover your obscene public displays. Great job, pops!

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