Guinevere Beulah Vore

Will we curse our baby to a lifetime of narcissism?

From Yahoo:

Celebrities aren’t the only ones giving their babies unusual names. Compared with decades ago, parents are choosing less common names for kids, which could suggest an emphasis on uniqueness and individualism, according to new research.

The researchers suspect the uptick of unusual baby names could be a sign of a change in culture from one that applauded fitting in to today’s emphasis on being unique and standing out. When taken too far, however, this individualism could also lead to narcissism, according to study researcher Jean Twenge, of San Diego State University.

“The most compelling explanation left is this idea that parents are much more focused on their children standing out,” Twenge said. “There’s been this cultural shift toward focusing on the individual, toward standing out and being unique as opposed to fitting in with the group and following the rules.”

What about parents who name their kids after themselves? Would this be more or less narcissistic than picking an “unusual” baby name? (We have no desire to name our baby after ourselves. Zero.)

Regardless, we feel a little pressure to get the name right. You don’t want to pick something that’s going to make junior high miserable for your kid. On the other hand, we have no say over the last name, and young Vore will learn soon enough all the words that rhyme with that.


10 thoughts on “Guinevere Beulah Vore

  1. ‘S’more Vore’?

    Your child’s name will reflect the overwhelming demand for more Vore, and epitomize his or her chocolaty graham cracker and marshmallow essence.

  2. I keep pushing for someone to use Ghoti as a name to fuck with everybody – I didn’t have the balls to do it thrice – will Vore+? I know you love playing with the vacuum cleaner so maybe it fits?

  3. Mr. Hoobler — ‘S’more’ was as yet not on our list. Since corrected!

    Missy — The due date is July 21, but we don’t have anyone lined up yet to cook us dinner next Monday.

    Erik — ?? Where/how does the vacuum cleaner come in? Again, you’re operating several levels above/ahead of us.

  4. Here are my baby name suggestions, in rank order:

    1 – Andrew Michael Vore
    Tied for last – everything else

    Having said that, I have a fear that eventually I will talk someone into naming their child Andrew Michael and that kid will turn out to be a turd.

    I do like Beulah as a middle name.

  5. My friend, I believe he was referring to the practices of one clearly unlistenable Trey Anastasio of a certain stoner band prone to prolonged bouts of sucking on stage.

  6. I had a dream last night. That baby- if my dream is right- is a boy! But mom tells me that she dreamed constantly and consistently that Erin was a boy and look how that turned out. Boy baby names I like: Duncan, Horatio, Gunther, Xavier, Van Helsing, Abe

  7. Ghoti? Vacuum?

    What the f&@K is Erik talking about?

    His post was at 3:23 pm, so obviously he was drunk at the time. That doesn’t make it ok, though.

    Whatever you name the child, make it go by it’s first name. It’s a pain in the neck with school, work, government documents, et al if you don’t. Believe me I know.

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