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Back On The Grid

We’ve been off the grid for a little while, and you may be asking yourself, What exactly have the Vores been up to if they’re not blogging?

1) Playing Settlers of Catan with our friends (and relatives) Joe & Mary Tufts. After introducing them to the game Friday night, they (Joe) proceeded to beat us on Saturday. We promptly kicked them out and banished them from our home forever.

2) Marveling at Utah’s 25-point comeback last night in Portland. The win (in overtime) lifted the Jazz’s road winning streak to seven games. Maybe holding on to Carlos Boozer was a good idea. (Dumping Ronnie Brewer before the trade deadline, however, was not.)

3) Watching the Winter Olympics. Confession: Russian bobsledders scare the bejeezus out of us.

4) Reading Making Toast and Get Me Out. Reviews to follow sometime soon.

5) Deciding that we will not find out the gender of Baby Voreblog.

Yes, this happens to agree with the results of the Voreblog Readers Poll, in which 58% of you said we should keep it like a secret. But of course marriage is not a democracy, and while your input was greatly valued, Dear Reader, it was not a determining factor. Instead, once we realized we could only joke about disagreeing for so long, we finally got down to the tricky business of actually disagreeing — something we’ve been fortunate to encounter rarely in our marriage. And after discussion, consideration, argument and reconciliation, the end result was this: Erin agreed to give Ben a gift by not finding out.

In exchange, Erin owns veto power and ultimate authority on the naming rights.

What about the dog?, you might be asking. We decided that while we do indeed want a dog, it would be out of order to do the dog first, then baby. Better the other way around.

So that’s where we stand.

Also coming soon: Our long overdue “2009: Best of Movies” post, delayed because we’ve been catching up on many films we missed in the theater. Last week we saw District 9 and The Hurt Locker. We loved one and felt overhyped by the other. Which was which? Stay tuned!


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