Are we destined to own a Toyota Sienna?

While watching “Lost” tonight, we received texts from two different friends saying that the following commercial reminded them of us. (This is the extended version.)

Are they right?

(I mean — yeah, we’ve got swagger and all. And the couple does kind of look like us…)

UPDATE! This morning at Caribou, the barista looked at Ben and said, “I’ve seen you in a commercial.” “Excuse me?” Ben said. “There’s a guy who looks exactly like you in a commercial right now.” “Really?” Ben said. “What’s the commercial about?” “Oh, it’s about a minivan and there’s a family in it, I think. But you two are dead ringers for each other.” This makes the third time in less than twelve hours. Hmmm.


7 thoughts on “Are we destined to own a Toyota Sienna?

  1. I think the only thing that seperates the Vore’s from the Swagger’s is the kiddies watching tv in the car…that doesn’t seem like a Vore approved activity for car travel. I imagine song singing, or goofy stories, or drawing Garfield.

  2. You all have the wrong idea about Vore car trips. I guarantee you that most trips involve a round of “Guess what I ate last night based on the smells I’m making right now.” The Vores have you fooled into thinking they’re intellectuals! That commericial is awesome, but you two have better taste in music.

    1. Ellen has outed us. But it should be noted that one of us is much, much better than the other at said game. We’ll leave you to guess who. Hint: She’s not a man.

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