Friday Recommends, Lost, television

Friday Recommends: Links

For your clicking pleasure:

1. Slate’s TV Club blogs the final season of “Lost.”

2. From Newsweek, “Why ‘Lost’ is a Show About Faith.” (We count ourselves “Lost” “progressives.”)

3. Entertainment Weekly picks 10 Essential “Lost” Episodes.

4. Jay Leno makes an ass of himself on “Oprah.”

5. The New Yorker on Jay Leno’s future: “The prospect of his return to his old show is depressing, like a clown riding a unicycle.”

6. “Ask A High School English Teacher Pressed Into Duty As The JV Basketball Coach After The Previous Coach Abruptly Resigned.”

7. Yes, further proof we are white.

8. Twenty Great “Simpsons” Music Moments. ( “An Amendment To Be” is #5.)

9. Why is Paul Shirley hanging out with Pat Robertson?

10. The best music of 2009 as picked by Matthew Leathers. (Foreshadowing for tomorrow’s post!)


Rest in peace, J.D. Salinger.


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