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Shih Tzus are better than Dachshunds

Or at least that’s what Voreblog readers think, according to a recent poll that has caused marital strife over its “confusing” verbiage.

Have you voted yet? The issue of whether we will find out Baby Voreblog’s gender hangs in the balance! (Maybe.)



One of Ben’s co-workers (and a mother of two) informed him today that regardless of the poll’s outcome, Erin has ultimate veto power and can exercise it at any point she so chooses. This co-worker also voted that we find out. She is, as of this moment, in the minority.


5 thoughts on “Shih Tzus are better than Dachshunds

  1. Having to wait to find out makes me so angry… that I have to force calm by not caring at all. I could potentially call your child “That Baby” far into its teens. Fair warning.

  2. I love your coworker.

    No one else is allowed to vote for golden retriever. Or any other breed except “dachshund.” The deal is weiner dog or no dog. That’s it. This poll is bogus.

    Ellen, that’s mean, but in all truthiness, we’ll probably refer to our baby as “that baby” too.

    Ben is now sleeping in the guest room.

    We need more mixed nuts in this house.

  3. one time jimmy’s mom called me ‘that girl’, I was in the room when it happened. It’s cool- I didn’t need therapy or anything. I’m sure ‘that baby’ voreblog will be fine too.

  4. Elijah Smith always referred to Camille as “that girl”.

    What I find most striking is that the sex of the child poll currently has 51 votes, while the (significantly more important) dog poll only has 41 votes.

    That makes no sense to me.

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