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Special Readers Forum: Baby Edition!

Many of you, in your kind words responding to yesterday’s post, have already sounded off on the matter of whether or not we should find out the gender of Baby Voreblog. You’ve been appraised as to where the respective sides stand on this matter: Erin wants to know. Ben does not.

What should we do?

Let’s put it to a vote!


A deal was put on the table. Erin agreed not to find out … if Ben agreed to buy her a weiner dog.

Let’s put it to another vote!


Further comments and parenting insights welcome, as always. As well as all the usual digressions that accompany a good Readers Forum. Since we’re already on a roll on the previous post, please direct your comments there. We’ll throw out a starter question: What’s the best — or worst — piece of parenting advice you’ve ever heard or been given?


3 thoughts on “Special Readers Forum: Baby Edition!

  1. Some great advice that I received — which is nearly impossible to enforce — is to enlist your parents’ help in honoring the house rules for your kid, whatever those may be. Some of the most jacked-up bidness in David’s young life has gone down under Grandma and Grandpa’s nose, at their urging: buckets of ice cream, hours of totally age-inappropriate television, unfettered access to glass shards and firearms. Grandparents worth their salt will argue that it is their job — their God-given RIGHT — to spoil the little ones, but I would say…not at the expense of setting up a good cop / bad cop dichotomy, or of making your authority seem paper-thin and silly. Baby Vore will learn to test and question you PLENTY on his / her own. This shouldn’t be something he/she learns at Gran-Gran’s knee.

  2. We will never get a golden retriever: they are smelly and large. Also, I accuse one member of voreblog of trying to rig this poll. The verbiage is confusing! He refers to a “weiner dog” one minute, but a “dachshund” the next!

  3. Did you hear that, dear reader? Lady Voreblog thinks you don’t know that a dachshund is a weiner dog. What condescension!

    The margin of error on this poll will be 0%.

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