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Two Weeks And Counting

The third “Lost” Supper image has hit the Internets. Here it is (with #1 and #2 following):


EXCLUSIVE! LOST SUPPER PROMO IMAGE NO. 3 Suddenly, this makes the Doc think differently about the messages in the promo... | Lost, Daniel Dae Kim, ...

The “Lost” Supper, #3 (much bigger image here)


The “Lost” Supper, #1 (all looking at Locke)


The “Lost” Supper, #2 (all looking at us, which is kinda creepy)


Doc Jensen goes Robert Langdon on us, but we’ll summarize for you Dan Brown-haters out there:

  1. Doc thinks the sequence matters, arguing that photo #2 (the cast staring at us) may be the pivotal one. (He makes his case using the word “transubstantiation.”)
  2. Doc trots out a John Locke = Holy Trinity theory, noting that the pictures also parallel Locke’s evolution during the show. In photo #1, both Sawyer and Jack have a hand behind Locke’s back, not unlike when he needed to be pushed in a wheelchair. In #2, Sawyer and Jack stand behind Locke, symbolizing unity. In #3, Sawyer is looking away while Jack appears hostile, hands crossed. Voila, says Doc: “Wheelchair Locke, Castaway Locke, and Shifty Locke.”
  3. In his most persuasive theory, “Jack the Father-Figure Healer,” Doc posits that in season 6, “Jack’s relationship to John Locke/Fake Locke … will be linked to the resolution of Jack’s series-long grappling with his father issues and will lead to some final confrontation and/or reconciliation with his father.” Remember that Locke stood in for Jack’s dad last season as the body in the coffin, when Jack needed to get back to the island? Jack even put his dad’s shoes on him. Doc draws a comparison between Locke (in the seat of Jesus) and Jack’s dad … Christian Shephard. (“I think this is the central, defining story of Lost,” Doc says of Jack’s reconciliation with his dad, “and I think the images here offer definitive proof of that.” Fair enough.)

He also shares his hunch for how the show will end … with Jack at an AA meeting? (Anything’s possible, we suppose.)

While all of those theories seem pretty valid, it’s just as likely to us that there’s no rhyme or reason behind the “Lost” suppers, other than that the writers wanted to see how much they could mess with us before it’s all over. That or they’re BSG fans. Or Sopranos fans. Or Simpsons fans. (Why didn’t “Golden Girls” do this?)

Given how rusty we are on “Lost”-blogging (we never quite got on board with The Lost Rewatch), we invite any more rabid fans to bring us up to speed on all we need to know before February 2.


UPDATE!: From The Onion: “Final Season of ‘Lost’ Promises to Make Fans More Annoying Than Ever.” We have no idea what they’re talking about.


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