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Christmas on the Hardwood.

How often do your teams go 5-for-5 on any given day of the year? Well, all the right teams won yesterday in the NBA, most notably the Cavs in L.A. Few things are more satisfying than seeing disgruntled Lakers fans throw their foam #1 hands onto the court in disgust. Or Derek Fisher show his true thug colors. Or Lamar Odom get ejected. Or Kobe Bryant miss 21 shots.

Merry Christmas, indeed.

Does the NBA really need a “Percy Jackson Ability Tracker,” though?

Meanwhile, Brandon Roy dropped 41 on the Nuggets as the crippled and cursed Blazers pulled to within a game of Denver in the Northwest. Utah remains 3½ games out. December NBA wrap to follow within the next week.


4 thoughts on “Christmas on the Hardwood.

  1. Voreblog- I’d like to make a plea that you release the rest of your ‘best of ’09’ lists ASAP. Having to work the week between Christmas and New Years is painful enough, but coming in on the Monday morning after Christmas to a voreblog baskeball post was almost too much to bear. Please do your patriotic duty and keep this lowly civil servant sane this week.

    All the Best,


  2. Embo,

    You have no idea how much it pains us to hear that we have failed to deliver the goods — on a post-holiday Monday morning, no less.

    Forgive us. There’s only so much blogging you can do when you’re busy stuffing your face with cookies.

    Expect the “best of” music post to greet you tomorrow morning.


  3. Voreblog,

    I appreciate your prompt response to my request. I look forward to tomorrow’s post with baited breath.

    Thanks for sharing the cookies,

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