Scooter Thomas

It’s a Christmas Miracle! If By Miracle You Mean Disaster!

When Bevin arrived from Nashville yesterday, she came bearing gifts — specifically an as-yet-unnamed nine week kitten. For the purposes of this post, we will henceforth refer to said animal as “Kitty Cat.” (The t’s are silent in “Kitty,” so it basically sounds like “key cat.”

Meet Kitty Cat.

Because Jon Beers will have nothing to do with Kitty Cat setting foot inside his house, Bevin asked us if she (the kitty) could stay with us for Christmas break.

How could Jon G. say no to a face like this?


Any good narrative needs conflict, and you can probably imagine exactly where the conflict arose as soon as Kitty Cat entered our home.

The fateful introduction.


A string of hissing profanities so vile a sailor would blush.


Scooter Thomas sweeps the leg.


As one might imagine, it has been a bit tense in the Vore household the past 24 hours. And Kitty Cat will be staying for at least the next three days.

If not longer: Bevin hasn’t decided if she’ll keep her yet.

Which presents us with a conundrum: Do we sacrifice a happy household for the sake of taking in a potential orphan?

And if so, will Scooter Thomas ever forgive us? (He has already registered his perpetual surliness by growling/hissing when we try to pet him. We think he’s also assembling pipe bombs in the basement.)

Or will Kitty Cat return to Nashville and embark on a rags-to-riches musical career?

Stay tuned!

(And Merry Christmas!)



2 thoughts on “It’s a Christmas Miracle! If By Miracle You Mean Disaster!

  1. How you doin’ Kitty?

    My name is Oscar.
    What’s your major? Do you like Pavement?
    I enjoy little furry things and bright shiny crinkly objects, how about you?
    Love those green eyes!
    Don’t let Scooter scare you. He is all meow and no ow. He put the ‘me’ in meow. Very self-absorbed. Just leave him to his Proust.
    Hey, I have yet to be ‘fixed’, you? Just wonderin’

    Let’s cat chat some more soon.

  2. Merry Christmas, Vores! Have you considered trying to pawn Kitty Cat off on other cat-loving friends? Perhaps ones with a more amenable cat named Rhoda? Just an idea.


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