Best of the Aughties, continued


No one is better suited to cranking out grandiose-yet-defiantly-conventional “best of” music lists than Rolling Stone, which turns in not one but two reliably pat servings of “best of list” comfort food in its year-end issue. The first is the “100 Best Albums of the Decade,” headlined by Radiohead and Kid A. (Is Matthew Leathers a guest editor at RS?) Amazingly, no U2 album cracks the Top 10 … of that list. (2000’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind comes in #13.) But U2’s No Line on the Horizon does come in #1 on the “Best Albums of 2009,” list, one spot ahead of Bruce Springsteen, whom the editors at RS pray to five times a day whilst facing the Boss’s most recent tour stop.

RS’s other “best of” decade list is “The 100 Best Songs of the Decade,” topped by Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.” Remarkably, someone on the voting panel had the good sense to include as many tracks from LCD Soundsystem as ones from U2 and Coldplay. If it was you, Mr. Leathers — thank you.

(The awesome cover design by Chip Kidd is also a big step up from Taylor Lautner wearing a wet t-shirt.)


4 thoughts on “Best of the Aughties, continued

  1. totally unrelated to your recent entry…Stella is sitting on my lap as we peruse the latest info on the world wide web and was curious who the “guys in the striped underwear” are on your sidebar?! 😉
    thought you’d like to know!

  2. Those lists suck. Rolling Stone sucks. Those are the “top” hip hop, r&b, and douchebag songs/albums of the decade. Nothing more.

    American Idiot was totally underrated. The THIRD best Queens of the Stone Age album of the decade was the only one on the list (wtf?).

    Yet, eleven of Springsteen’s bowel movements made it.

    Mastadon should be on the f#@king list.

    Did I mention that Rolling Stone sucks?

  3. I concur with Mr. Allen. Although it should be noted that Mr. Allen does not sign his Xmas cards so when one shows up in the mail from some random road in Lexington – one has to ask Mike if it is from him. His response: “if it smells like cheap whiskey it is from me”. Should anything Mr. Allen says be trusted anymore?

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