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Best Of The Decade: A Voreblog Readers Forum Ten Years In The Making


Everyone who’s anyone as an esteemed cultural critic is slapping together a “Best of the Decade” retrospective, be it magazines (Paste, Entertainment Weekly, New York), newspapers (The Guardian, The Onion), or The Mecum Family. We will attempt no such exhaustive glimpse back in this space — we’re busy enough contemplating the Best of 2009.

However, we invite you to be as exhaustive as you like. What movie, book, CD or TV show defined the aughts for you? When you think back on the 2000s, which piece of art endures?

If The Mecums didn’t put Gosford Park on their Top Ten list, we wonder: What did they put?

Other thoughts scroll through our mind at night. Like:

What album touched the depths of Emily Huie’s soul in the past ten years?

Which film renewed Scott Guldin’s faith in humanity after his tragic pre-millennial dirigible accident?

What TV show — besides “The Gilmore Girls” — did Andrew Cashmere turn to after “Becker” was cancelled in 2004?

And what book — besides It’s Hard Out Here For a Shrimp — did Mike Allen pick up for inspiration when his roller derby career went south after his 2001 career-ending injury?

Of course, you are also welcome to write about, say, the Best Worst Things of the past ten years. Like: The Best Bad Movies of the 2000s. (The A.V. Club ranks Wicker Man #2 on its list.) Or: The Best NBA Players to Root Against. Or: The Best Evil Company Spokespeople.

Invent your own categories.

Be creative.

And comment now!


7 thoughts on “Best Of The Decade: A Voreblog Readers Forum Ten Years In The Making

  1. I’ll kick it off:

    Best TV-viewing experience: Watching season one of “Lost” in four days in Bar Harbor, Maine. Erin and I were on vacation there in September 2005 and we bought season one on a whim. We’d tear through a disc in the morning, then go hike out on the island in the afternoon. There was a creepy/cool spillover from TV show to real life, and vice versa. Which helps explain why we love the show so much.

  2. I think most people would agree that Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior, by legendary coach and author, me, is the best book of the decade.

  3. My highlights in media – ?. It’s a whole decade – who the hell can remember. This decade I had three kids. That’s all that friggin matters. Plus this decade Michael J. Fox stopped appearing on Spin City and Charlie Sheen took his place – that put a damper on this whole friggin decade – although Michael J. Fox and Denis Leary acting off each other on Rescue Me was the bestest and yet Charlie Sheen is right up there with Jay Leno with his show (both of whom are surprisingly still on the air). There is a ridiculous Gap commercial on right now with those obnoxious cool young kids rapping about their boots – this decade blows. It blows ass. Who knew this was where my mind would wander…..I do know that on Dec 31 1999 I was hanging with Colleen (if memory serves we were driving in Northside waiting for the street lights to explode) and I will be on Dec 31 2009 (probably sleeping). I’m a big softy. (I have no recollections of Dec 31 1989 but I bet I was sleeping).

  4. I’ll just be the first to say the obvious, so it seems like it was my idea: Kid A has to be the most important album of the decade, yes? It came out in 2000, just seems fitting that something so transformative kicked off the decade. Without Kid A, we never would have had the iPhone. Or something.

    What’s funny is my FAVORITE album of the decade is probably In Rainbows, mostly because it was their return to form after a decade of mostly misses. They started off too strong.

    Favorite movie: High Fidelity. Also out in 2000. Wow, what a great year.

  5. Without Kid A, we’d all have regressed to a neanderthalic state of primitive hunter-gathering, barely able to form critical thought much less guttural sounds.

    In 2000 I had my first full-blown breakdown and saw Requiem For a Dream. These may or may not have been related.

  6. In the year 2000, I started law school and was dating a paranoid some-time raw-foodist who didn’t believe in brushing his teeth. Nowhere in that statement is a “best” anything, but I wanted to share. To the topic at hand: best T.V. series- toss up between J. J. Abrams’ Alias and Joss Whedon’s Angel.

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