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Saturday Recommends: A Colbert Christmas

“Venison does make a great stocking stuffer.”


This year’s seasonal addition to the Voreblog DVD library is A Colbert Christmas. (It joins Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, The Office Christmas SpecialJoyeux Noël, Bloom County’s A Wish For Wings That Work (on VHS), and Die Hard.) Featuring guest appearances by such musical guests as John Legend (whose song “Nutmeg” includes no less than five sexual innuendos), Willie Nelson (as a fourth wise man) and Elvis Costello (who has the misfortune of being mauled by a bear), A Colbert Christmas produces its own Christmas miracle by making us hate Toby Keith less. It also ends (spoiler alert!) with Santa Claus shanking a grizzly bear. (We’d like to see Frosty pull that one off.)

The special features include a “Video Yule Log” of burning books which can be played on a loop if, say, you wanted to play it in the background to amuse/offend partygoers.

In the words of Mr. Legend, We’re gonna go find a meg so we can nut it.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Recommends: A Colbert Christmas

  1. Entirely typical of this blog that you completely failed to mention Feist, who I think turned in the best musical performance, absence of testicles notwithstanding.

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