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Things To Love About Ohio: The Day Before Thanksgiving


For the fourth year running we are spending the day before Thanksgiving in Columbus, partaking in the finest that German Village has to offer: specifically, The Book Loft and its neighbor, Cup O Joe and the MoJoe Lounge. It has become a little pre-Thanksgiving tradition for us, perusing the labyrinthine offerings next door before camping out at the coffee shop with a hot beverage, newspapers and a stack of books (Eating Animals, Let The Great World Spin and The Poisonwood Bible). In certain religious traditions, while this may not qualify as heaven, it might be the bookstore and coffee shop you visit just outside heaven.

Should you find yourself in the greater Columbus area in the not-too-distant future, you owe it to yourself to stop at both.


3 thoughts on “Things To Love About Ohio: The Day Before Thanksgiving

  1. I love the Book Loft! What a great tradition! I can’t wait until Maya’s a little older to introduce her to it. I bought my first pregnancy book at the Book Loft when I was a couple weeks pregnant. So I have very fond memories of the place, even if the coffee smell from next store made me puke a little.

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