A Correction

We take accuracy very seriously here at Voreblog, and when a correction is required we want to set the record straight as soon as possible.

In a recent post Ben wrote about his somewhat traumatic experience during a semen analysis appointment, and in that post he referenced a porno entitled Whispering Horses. You may have perhaps Googled Whispering Horses to verify the authenticity of this film. Had you done so, you would not have had any luck finding it.

This is because the title of the film was not, we regret to report, Whispering Horses. A return visit to this office confirmed that the title is actually Whispering Hearts (starring Star E. Knight). In his flustered state, Ben misread the second word in the title. (The words were in cursive lasso.) Coupled with the fact that the film opens with extended shots of men and women on horseback (it is set on a dude ranch), and we hope you can understand — if not forgive — the error.

The original post has been amended.

And Ben was able to give the thumbs up after visit #2.


Question for discussion: How exactly do hearts whisper?


7 thoughts on “A Correction

  1. Obviously, the many readers of voreblog have never spent time around mares in heat – they whisper from the back end (it really does make a whispery type noise). Needless to say, way to rub one out Mr. Vore!

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