Mad Men Power Rankings

Hat tip to Lee Fuoco for introducing us to Movie Line’s “Mad Men” Power Rankings. (Caution: If you haven’t been keeping up with Season Three, you’ll probably want to hold off.)

Speaking of “Mad Men,” a frank conversation about it last night revealed that one of us (guess) is seven episodes ahead of the other in Season Two. Picture this discussion over a post-voting dinner at Skyline:

ERIN: So what episode are we on again?

BEN: If by “we” you mean “me,” we’re on episode six.

ERIN: Huh.

BEN: I guess the real question is where “you” are.

ERIN: Well, just a little ahead of that.

BEN: By “little” do you mean, say, the last disc?

ERIN [turning red]: Well…

BEN: I thought so.

ERIN: It’s just that you’re so slow.

BEN: You didn’t finish the season already, did you?



[We continue eating in silence for several minutes.]

ERIN: I finished the season.

BEN: Yes, I figured.

ERIN: Honey, I can’t help it!

BEN: Don Draper is going to tear this marriage apart.


Curse you, Don!


3 thoughts on “Mad Men Power Rankings

  1. It’s not the first marriage Don Draper has broken up… sorry Jimmy!

    ps Ben don’t worry you’ll get that when you watch the rest of season 2… oops.

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