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Uh Oh.

Should I (Ben) be concerned that the Jazz lost 113-96 to the Rockets tonight? At home?

These are the same Rockets no one picked to make the playoffs this year.

Jazz fans booed after Houston went on a 13-0 run in the fourth quarter. Seven Rockets scored in double figures, including someone named Chase Budinger. He had 17.

Carlos Boozer, meanwhile, had 7 points on 1-of-6 shooting. So, to recap:

  • CARLOS BOOZER – $12.3 MIL SALARY – 34 MINUTES – 1-for-6 FG – 4 TO – 7 PTS
  • CHASE BUDINGER – $725,000 SALARY – 22 MINUTES – 7-for-11 FG – 2 TO – 17 PTS

Here’s another fun stat that will make Jazz fans want to light themselves on fire¹:

Shane Battier’s plus/minus was +36. Mehmet Okur’s, on the other hand, was -26.

Also, Paul Millsap — the guy Utah threw $32 million at this summer — had 2 points in 22 minutes. And he fouled out.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.


1. Yes, this is me stealing material from Bill Simmons yet again. I can’t help myself!

5 thoughts on “Uh Oh.

  1. It brings me great pleasure to know your fantasy team remains the John Crotty All-Stars. But maybe it’s time for the Chase Budinger All-Stars?

    More importantly, who will win next week’s Clash of the Titans between myself and yourself in the Mustache Football League?

  2. You caught me during Adrian Peterson’s bye week, so it looks good for you. I don’t have an elite runner starting.

  3. Now the next night Dirk Nowitzki drops 29 points on the Jazz in the fourth quarter alone as the Mavs win 96-85. With Dirk’s help, Dallas outscored Utah 44-18 in the final period. Which means, yes, the Jazz were up 15 after the third.

    Carlos Boozer had a plus/minus of -27 in 24 minutes of PT. Which means, yes, Utah lost a point for every minute he was on the floor.

    Bad omens, people.

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