More Ways We Might Spend Our Extra Hour

Last year we ruminated on a few possible ways we might make good use of that extra hour from Daylight Savings. (Perhaps that list may inspire you too.) This year we’ve got a few additional items on the docket:

  • Taking Erik Brueggemann’s recommendation and finally reading Barb Johnson’s More of This World or Maybe Another.
  • Taking Mike Allen’s recommendation and finally watching Role Models.
  • Conceiving a child.
  • Preparing a review of the New Moon soundtrack.
  • Catching up on “30 Rock” episodes. ( “Lemon, when did you find time to eat a diaper you found on the beach?”)
  • Checking StubHub for cheap Cavs/Jazz tickets.
  • Raking all those infernal leaves.
  • Loving our enemies.
  • (After we’ve unscrewed the caps on their salt shakers.)
  • Crushing The Walden Chimps at fantasy football. (This would have happened regardless.)

The world is our oyster! So is yours. Go get ’em.


One thought on “More Ways We Might Spend Our Extra Hour

  1. I did 1, 3,5,7, and 8 and I had minutes left over, like 10 of them – come on Vore+ I have 3 kids (maybe 4 after #3) and I gets it done. As for number 8 – I’m writing on Voreblog ain’t I? Zing!

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