“What If The Swine Flu Vaccine (Shot/Nasal Mist) Is The Mark Of The Beast??”

We aren’t usually in the habit of quoting from flyers left under our wiper blades in parking lots, but the one somebody put on our car at the Showcase Cinemas in Milford — the one which begins with the quote above (two question marks and all) — presented us with a question we honestly had never once given a lick of thought: What if the swine flu vaccine is the Mark of the Beast?(?) Have biblical scholars misread The Book of Revelation for the past two millennia? Were the Left Behind books actually … fiction? And maybe most troubling of all, why was our car the only one in the entire parking lot with this flyer left on it? (????????????) If the H1N1 vaccine is The Mark of the Beast, shouldn’t everyone be forewarned?

As the flyer says, “Forget Pre-tribulation scenarios.” We, for one, were hazy on our Pre-tribulation scenarios to begin with. If you want your own answers regarding the alleged diabolicalness of the swine flu vaccine, you won’t find them at your doctor’s office (also known as “The Innermost Circle of Hell”). There’s only one place you can find them: our trash can.


8 thoughts on ““What If The Swine Flu Vaccine (Shot/Nasal Mist) Is The Mark Of The Beast??”

  1. Ben forgot to mention the best part: the flyer lists websites in order for readers to “research for yourselves” and then lists three YOU TUBE videos. Outrageous.

  2. This flyer may be on to something. Watch this video and TRY to tell me this poor young lady isn’t demon possessed.

  3. As someone who studied Revelation rather intensely during her last year of seminary, and as someone who just got over the swine flu … my head just exploded trying to contemplate these things.

      1. I did. It was. Almost as horrible as the fact that I came down with it right around the same time I served communion to two services worth of people. (The only additional case reported, thankfully, was one of the other ministers.)

  4. I find this website to be incredibly helpful with regard to this important issue:


    It’s in black and white people. On the INTERNET. So, it must be true.

    With regard to why your vehicle was the only one treated with this flyer, the answer is simple- What if a Wilco bumper sticker is The Mark of the Beast??

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