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Friday Recommends: Vampire Haiku Reading Next Thursday, October 29

Ryan Mecum, author of Zombie Haiku and now Vampire Haiku, will read from his latest next Thursday evening at seven o’clock at Joseph-Beth Booksellers.

From Ryan’s Facebook feed:

Just in time for Halloween, you are invited to sit and enjoy some guy named Ryan Mecum read you his creepy, odd, yet somehow adorable poems about the things that go bump in the night.

Excerpts of Vampire Haiku will be read to the audience, as well as some other Halloween themed surprises! Questions will be taken! Books will be signed! Twilight will be mentioned!

Clear your calendar! This is not to be missed!


8 thoughts on “Friday Recommends: Vampire Haiku Reading Next Thursday, October 29

  1. Seriously?

    A plug for where you work. That’s what I get for my Friday Recommends?

    This is hardly worth the cost of my subscription.

    Erik and I will be dismantling your brick patio sometime next week while you’re away at work. We’ll leave the bricks next to the garage.

    We’ll also be sifting through your mail.

    And by “mail” I mean dvd collection.

    And by “sifting through” I mean stealing.

    1. The plug is for RYAN MECUM and his inspired, vampire-themed poetry.

      You and Erik are welcome to try and dismantle my brick patio anytime.

      I’ll be in the sniper position on my roof. Waiting.

  2. Hey buddy, I’m at work today. I am more than happy to post snippy comments on here ALL DAY LONG.

    Fine- I now realize the plug was for the author and book. I can admit my mistake and I apologize for it.

    On an unrelated note, there’s some really cool magazines sitting on a table at the Ronald McDonald House. I would recommend that everyone stop by and give a large donation and read those magazines that I’m recommending.

    See what I did there?

    As to your woefully inept defense plans for your awesomely cool patio…

    I’ll send Tad as a forward scout, thus revealing your position and allowing me to initiate an assualt on said position.

    And by “forward scout” I mean someone for you to shoot.

    And by “assault” I mean Matt Henstridge.

    1. I already anticipated your pathetic plan and booby-trapped the perimeter of our yard so that a canopy net laced with razor blades will drop on your “forward scout.” Death will be instantaneous. I will then use a voice modulator and call you from the forward scout’s cell phone so that you think your foolish scheme has worked. Then you, Erik and/or Tad will walk into a merciless barrage of gunfire not seen since Hudson flipped out in “Aliens.”

      Also, I already looked through all your magazines, and they sucked.

      1. Question: What type of gun is best to kill Erik?

        Answer: None. It’s a trick question.

        Erik is coated in a .35 cm thick body armor gel derived from his own seed. Doubtless you are aware of the Herculean strength of that substance and it’s ability to not only thwart all known conventional weapons, but also impregnate your wife and/or male cat at distances of up to 1500 meters. Your pathetic weapons will be useless against him.

        Tad is merely fodder and I concede, nay welcome, his death via (I must admit it) your well planned razor blade net.

        I am also fairly certain that you did NOT read Cat Fancy as I have had that fine publication in my office the entire day.

        1. I admit that Erik presents many difficulties when it comes to being killed. That is why the canopy net will not merely have razor blades attached but also slabs of meat. Ha HA!

          And Scooter Thomas subscribes to Cat Fancy, so I already read that issue. It sucked.

          1. Damn.

            I’ve known that Erik’s recent embrace of not only the cloven hoof, but all meat based foods was our Achilles Heel. Damn him.

            Well played Mr. Vore. Your sweet brick patio is safe…for now.

            As to that magazine, you and I both know that you’ll get your hands on Scooter Thomas’s issue of Cat Fancy when you pry it from his cold, dead, morbidly obese paws.

            1. Actually, all it took was refilling his food dish. When he began stuffing his face, we took the magazine. No canopy net needed for this one.

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