Is Jay Leno Funny?

Debate. (We vote no.)

Adds Nancy Franklin from the New Yorker about “The Jay Leno Show”: “The forensic evidence so far indicates that a kind of death is taking place before our eyes; the only question is whether what we’re witnessing is an accident or a crime scene.”


5 thoughts on “Is Jay Leno Funny?

  1. I adopted Leia. Remember my scene in Miami Vice – the TV show? It was 30 seconds of acting genius – I should have gotten an award. I was also in that Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal Chicago cop movie. Remember that one? Most people don’t. I do remember you can tell Mr. Hines has a large penis in that last shot on the beach. I ways hoped that Mr. Hines would tap-dance for me in that speedo. Bliss.

  2. I think Jimmy was poiting out the pointlessness of a post about Jay Leno and decided to chime in with something equally uninteresting.

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