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Guilty Pleasures Readers Forum: This Means You.

Andrew Cashmere put himself out there last Friday by admitting some of his guilty pleasures. One of them was his new Honda Odyssey.

Honda Odyssey. Chick Magnet.

Then we confessed that we in fact really loved Bobby Brown’s “On Our Own” from the Ghostbusters II soundtrack, the video of which has — much like Ulysses — intrigued and confounded scholars ever since its 1989 release.

Do you know, dear readers, how it feels to put yourself out there and not have your vulnerability reciprocated? We’ll tell you how it feels: lonely. And like we’re freaks.

What you may not realize is that we also feel free. We are liberated from that sinister voice which tells us we cannot be loved for who we really are. We have cast off the burden of shame and guilt. Our souls feel light. How light? Cool Whip Lite.

Don’t you want to feel this way too?

So go ahead. Share your own guilty pleasures. You are among friends. You will not be judged, at least publicly. Comment now (on the original thread)!


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