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Special Andrew Cashmere Recommends Edition of Friday Recommends: Admitting Guilty Pleasures


As Rob Gordon once said, “It’s what you like, not what you are like, that matters.” I did my homework on past editions of Friday Recommends and have to say that based on what Voreblog has recommended, they are way cooler than me. Cool books. Cool music. Cool cities visited. I just can’t keep up with Voreblog’s coolness. I pretend to appreciate Wilco and I even bought a Michael Pollan book, but my douchey tastes can’t hold a candle to the hipness that is Voreblog. So I’m not even going to try. Therefore, I have decided to dedicate my edition of Friday Recommends to my guilty pleasures.

Honda Odyssey. We [Sweeneyblog] recently made the leap from “young, hip couple driving their baby around in an SUV” to “douchebags with a Honda Odyssey.” I pretend to be embarrassed by it, but I really love it. When we drove back to Cincinnati this past weekend I must have said at least 15 times, “I love traveling in this car!” And I meant it.

Being excited to drive this means your life is over.

Amaretto and diet Vernors. Nomally I’m one to turn my nose up at sweet cocktails in favor of Guinness or Sierra Nevada. I would never order an Amaretto and diet Vernors in public, but at home when nobody is watching, I find it to be the enjoy.

GQ. A few years ago Emily Cashmere had wrist surgery. Needing something to read, I picked up a few magazines, including GQ. I figured I would flip through and laugh at the douchiness, but I ended up getting sucked in by the douchiness. Now I read about clothes I can’t afford and would look ridiculous in every month. When guests visit, I make sure GQ is flipped over so nobody knows.

Wrestling belts. I have not one but TWO toy WWE wrestling belts. I wrestle with my daughter in the living room. When I beat her, I hold the belt up like a champion. When I have both belts, I hold them up and pretend I’m the Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI. I wish I were kidding.

Paramore. Our summer-long obsession with the Twilight movie and book series led to my new appreciation for the band Paramore. My brother, another sucker for female singers, has been pushing them for a while. “That’s What You Get” is one of my favorite songs to play on Rock Band 2, but “Decode” finally sucked me in. Right now I have a special CD in my car with the Riot album AND both songs from the Twilight soundtrack. I can sing along with over half of the songs on the CD. “Hallelujah” is an especially good one to sing when you’re driving fast.

Imagine me singing this in a minivan with the windows down.

Lion v. Fish. Oh how it hurts to show your arch enemy respect. It hurts so bad, but the talent of Lion v. Fish is undeniable. I would say their music sounds like a combination of 12 Rods, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Amon Tobin and Walt Mink, only better. If their music were available on iTunes, I would buy it and listen while driving my Odyssey to the grocery.

Pitchfork’s first 11.0 album.

Sweeneyblog v 2.0. Part of me wants to hope that this guest blogging appearance increases traffic to our blog. The other part wonders why you would want to. We may throw some cute pictures up there from time to time, but our poor photography and writing skills bring it down a notch, although it’s hard to bring this down.


The cutest thing since sliced bread.


19 thoughts on “Special Andrew Cashmere Recommends Edition of Friday Recommends: Admitting Guilty Pleasures

    1. this video is insane. what the hell is its premise? bobby brown possesses all of NYC’s video billboards for an entire day, and the celebrities respond with a mixture of fear, disgust, and elation.

      and what is up with the chick playing cello by the New Jersey turnpike?

      i remember this thing, but haven’t seen since my critical theory training. now i want to make sense of it, because there are obvious themes and a consistency to it. but what it all amounts to, i haven’t the faintest.

      if you have an interpretation, i’m in much need of it.

  1. You have no idea how upset I am over how much I enjoyed that Paramore song. I might need to call a suicide hotline. My world is bottoming out, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

  2. Oh, Mr. Cashmere, you admit your guilty pleasures, and yet you do so hiding behind a pseudonym. How honest of a confession is this, really?

    And there is nothing guilty about the pleasures I have bestowed to Earth’s ears. Although the Walt Mink comparison makes me shudder, thank you for listening. Those recordings are ancient and pale in comparison to the awesomeness of the LVF of today. But recording is a drag, and no one ever understands.

    BTW…You reading Ulysses in your Odyssey?

  3. For some reason I had a feeling that Mr. Leathers would appreciate Paramore. And really, how could anyone not appreciate Paramore? They are an ideal band to listen to while drinking an Amereto and diet Vernors.

    Mr. Grit, unfortunately I am not reading Ulysses in my Odyssey. I started reading Ulysses right as I was moving, fell behind, and have not been able to catch up. I wanted to participate, but things just didn’t work out. I sit awake late at night and wonder what might have been.

    I was hoping this would turn into a Voreblog Readers Forum and we would get a chance to hear about everyone’s guilty pleasures, but it looks like I posted a day too late. I was really hoping some would mention meth or arson as their guilty pleasure.

  4. While I do enjoy arson now and again, my guilty pleasure is “do they know its christmas” by Band Aid. The original of course…not the Kanye-fied remake. *that* one is just over-the-top.

  5. Guilty Pleasures include (in no particular order): the TV show called “The Legend of the Seeker” on the Cin CW, the idea of sex with were-animals, the word “douchebag”,, Neil Diamond, the movie “Drive Me Crazy” starring Melissa Joan Hart… have I said enough to embarrass myself yet?

  6. Erin Voreblog’s Guilty Pleasures:

    1. Bowfinger and Titanic. If I’m sick in bed, I’m probably watching Bowfinger on VHS. If we’re staying in a hotel, and I have a choice between canoodling in a king size with Ben and watching Titanic on TNT, 50 % to 100% of the time, I’m watching Titanic.

    2. Amy Grant’s “The Collection” album. Old school Amy Grant was the BEST.

    3. People magazine. I tell people I only read it in the doctor’s office or in the Sweeney’s house in order to know what the common man reads. Truth: I read it weekly. Fiction: You know, to make fun of it.

    4. Not flossing.

  7. 1) Dance-related teen movies including but not limited to Stomp the Yard, Step it Up, Save the Last Dance, etc.

    2) Mash-up songs featuring music that otherwise would be socially unacceptable for me to listen to including Kelly Clarkson, Britney, etc.


    4) Twilight, True Blood, and other vampire-related media.

    I am totally straight though.

  8. 1. Low-to-medium quality movies that I watch over and over and over. Prime examples:
    a. Roadhouse. Swayze at his “finest”, with a side of Sam Elliott doing a serious drawl. On TBS any hour that a Law & Order rerun is not showing.
    b. Any of The Matrix trilogy. Most people hate the sequels, but I’ll watch all three again and again – they’re just like comfort food. The middle one is in my DVD player at this very moment, actually. Hmm, I think I’ve just arrived at my post-comment plan.

    2. Teen fiction: the Twilight series, the Maximum Ride series, and now the Hunger Games series. But I’m mature, I tell you!

    3. Snyder’s Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces and Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzel Pieces. I could eat a full bag of either as a meal – feeling guilty later, but mostly because there are no more to snack on.

    4. Stoli Vanilla and Diet Coke. Sometimes one needs to get in touch with their feminine side, and this drink is as close as I’ve been to a feminine anything in a while.

    5. Rudely interrupting teen country sweethearts at the VMAs and acting like a douchebag on a daily basis. (Whoops, that’s one of Kanye West’s guilty pleasures. Sorry.)

  9. Brendan Fraser
    Keanu Reeves
    Ryan Gosling (Baby Goose is here, girl)
    Pro Wrestling (I still watch from time to time)
    Third Eye Blind
    Head of the Class/Perfect Strangers on Nick at Nite
    Tori Amos (minus songs about menstruation)
    The Lethal Weapon Tetralogy
    The Rocky Hexalogy
    Over the Top
    Judge Dredd
    Tango and Cash
    Stop or My Mom Will Shoot
    Demolition Man
    The Specialist

    But NOT Rhinestone, that ish was terrible.

  10. Chubby Rain! In our whip – what you call an Odyssey (or what we call Homer – complete with obnoxious Homer Simpson talking night light) I am fascinated by the cubby whole behind the front captains chairs. What can we put in there? A coil of rope? Yep. Tie it down. Tie thee down. Tithe down? What the hell is this. It’s chubby cause it’s got aliens in it! WhooHoo.

  11. gotta love the honda odyssey!!!! especially with a vanity plate that says “ORR POD”.

    And, i’m almost too guilty to admit my other guilty pleasure….Gossip Girl!! Everyone is just so darn good looking…and I’m totally hooked on the very subpar plot line too. 🙂

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