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The Vores Go Zoolander

On Saturday, August 22nd, Ben and Erin gave each other the gift of a lifetime in honor of their fifth anniversary. A baby? No. A membership to the cheese-of-the-month club? Guess again. Any number of communicable diseases? No siree. A photo shoot with the fabulously talented Jenny Beck (a Columbus-based photographer and sister of Erin’s friend from Miami, Kelly)? You betcha! Jenny took photos in three locations: our back patio, Pioneer Park in Montgomery, and the United Dairy Farmers in Blue Ash.

Behold the creative power of Jenny’s lens:

Ice cream and loitering

This is where we always sit to discuss our finances.

Scooter-Thomas had the hots for Jenny!

It was really hard to keep my eyes open.  Sun=bright like fire.

Happy family

Later we collected wheat and fed it to the natives.

Kissing in a rocky stream takes hard work!

There were some people to the left of us who maybe thought we were dairy models.

Also, we love our patio and the roses haven't died yet!


Thank you so much for spending time with us, Jenny!  We had so much fun and think you could take Annie Leibovitz any day.

Check out Jenny’s work here.


4 thoughts on “The Vores Go Zoolander

  1. Judging by that last one, you guys need to spend less time making out and more time addressing the lawn mowing issue.

    Maybe Erik could collect the clippings for a nice salad?

    Happy anniversary.

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