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Special Ellen Recommends Edition of Friday Recommends: Charlaine Harris

These books are my friends!
These books are my friends!


I like people. But I like books even more. And the books I like most? Awesome books by awesome authors.

Today’s Special Ellen Recommends Edition of Friday Recommends is devoted to one such awesome series of books: The Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. They are brilliant. I am currently reading the 7th in the series. This means that I have read six books in the last two weeks (plus one by Stieg Larsson). And I have a job. Here is just a taste of the scrumptious dialogue from my current book: “We’ve exchanged blood several times, Sookie and I,” Eric said. “In fact, we’ve been lovers.” HAWT.

In conclusion: Charlaine Harris. Get it.

This will probably be the last time I am allowed to be a guest blogger, as I suspect that my post has dropped the intellectual nature of this blog down a peg or two. So, I bid you adieu.


9 thoughts on “Special Ellen Recommends Edition of Friday Recommends: Charlaine Harris

  1. Finally….a blog worthy of being birthed by an English Lit major…although I spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out what the acronym/texting slang HAWT meant.

    OMG, when’s Scooter Thomas coming back?

  2. whoo-boy. it’s hard to say anything critical. you look so elated embracing those padded-out formulas (“brilliant books”…!!??).

    hard, but not impossible. does the peg system even apply at this point? you going to start pushing the new asher roth cd, too? that “gossip girl” show truly heralds tv’s golden age.

    shameful. do the vores even do a final review of these things? where’s the quality control? what does it take, really, to be a guest blogger? i got some recommendations. like my cat. she’s great. and guacamole’s pretty rad.

  3. E$- thank you for your wonderful comments. As for you Mr. Grit, have you considered the possibility that this post was meant just for you, just to elicit such a response? Would it be upsetting to realize that you have been goaded into responding, by an inferior intellect? Virtual puppetry? Regardless, you are welcome to join my “gossip girl” bi-weekly debriefing session (by conference call of course). And I too love guacamole. For your enjoyment:

    1. I considered it, but I didn’t want to be accused of solipsism.

      And it’s not upsetting. I’m well aware I’m a slave to my own standards. Baiting me with a profession of questionable taste is shamefully easy. It’s cruel to take such advantage.

      Much like Sookie Stackhouse and her telepathic powers, my defense of quality is my cross to bear.

      I bet my molcajete is bigger than yours!

      1. With regard to your fear of being accused of solipsism, keep this in mind: sometimes the paranoid really are being followed.

  4. To address Jerry’s earlier question, “What does it take, really, to be a guest blogger?”

    Answer: You must be our friend!

    And have something to write about! Specifically something you want to recommend!

    Just tell us if this is the case and we can make it happen.

    (Jerry, this Friday is booked, but what about next Friday?)

    1. wtf? you’re not writing your blog anymore? little overwhelmed by your own production schedule, right? am i supposed to be honored by your laziness?

      fine. i don’t care. however, i write what i want, i get final cut, and there’s no advance review.

      i will melt off your flabby southern ohio bellies.

      1. We see it more as an opportunity for our friends to get to know each other. Besides, aren’t you sick of us recommending things? I mean, we recommended the Magic Bullet for Pete’s sake.

        You get final cut. Melt our flab!

        1. who am i kidding. none of your kind will listen. it’s completely hopeless.

          but i guess if it had to be nixon who went to china, it must be me who writes a blog post for you.

          it’s gonna be all guac and cats.

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