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How Don Draper Destroyed Our Marriage.

Now that we’ve finally delved into “Mad Men,” we have firsthand experience of the seductive charms of one Don Draper. He wears great suits. He’s top dog at the negotiating table. He’s mysterious and tight-lipped about his past. He gets $2500 bonuses just because. He’s got a smokin’ hot wife and two kids at home, yet he still keeps a mistress (or two, if you count his courtship of Rachel Menken) on the side. Whether this makes him a likable character is subject to debate, but it certainly makes him a compelling one.

It’s time to add one more female conquest to his list: Erin Vore. When I (Ben) came home from work yesterday, my wife was sitting on the couch. There was a remote in her hand. The television was on but the screen was blank. She smiled at me guiltily but said nothing. An awkward silence of about five seconds ensued. Finally I said, “So are you going to keep watching or should I leave?” This made her indignant. “What are you suggesting?” she asked, feigning outrage. I walked over to the DVD player and pressed “play.” Don Draper materialized on the screen, taking a luxurious pull on his cigarette. “How did that get there!” she protested. “How indeed,” I said.

Erin’s proclivity for watching ahead of me on TV shows has been documented in this space before, but never before have I had a contender for Erin’s affections as magnetic as one Don Draper. Which is why I’m spending my day off studying this tutorial from the one and only. (I could not embed a Hulu video, but here’s a snippet from YouTube to whet your appetite.)

I’ve got my work cut out for me.


(Interesting sidenote: “Nathaniel Shnerpus” (Fred Armisen) is engaged to Don’s secretary, Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth Moss).


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