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166 Days And Counting…

…and if you don’t know what we’re counting down to*, then you are not a true “Lost” fan.

We threw a bone to Chicago Cubs fans last weekend. Now we’ll do so for “Lost” fans. Here’s some of the juicy off-season gossip and scuttlebutt we’ve gleaned (almost exclusively from Doc Jensen) about season six!

Everyone is coming back. Or almost everyone. (Charlie, for one, is a mystery.) Doc Jensen reports on what the tight-lipped creators have hinted at, and the tidbit we find most revealing is this one:

How might Lost accomplish [bringing Season One characters back], given most of these departed folks are, like, dead? TBD, though Lindelof does remind us that Lost was figuratively time traveling (see: flashbacks and flash-forwards) long before it was literally time traveling (see: season 5). Then again, when it comes to Season Six, Lindelof tells Digital Spy, “anything goes.”

Doc Jensen also offers analysis on four possible scenarios for how season six will unfold. Scenario #1 [Deus Ex Jacobus] seems the most straightforward and certainly the most plausible, but there’s something intriguing about Scenario #2 [Oh, Jughead — Such a Joker!]. Scenarios #3 and #4 just strike us as Doc Jensen loopy.

Title of season six premiere: “LA X.” What does this mean? Two possibilities. 1) It refers to the Los Angeles airport [LAX]. But then why the space? 2) Doc Jensen speculates it may mean present day Los Angeles (Los Angeles ’10, as in 2010). Or — and this is just us speculating — the X means Mulder and Scully of X-Files fame will join the cast for the final season. Hooray!

Here’s a season six preview made by Black Box for your viewing pleasure. Caution: The dramatic crescendo of the music (those pounding tribal drums!) made us wet our pants from excitement. You’ve been forewarned.


And finally, for the truly obsessed, ABC.com has been screening a six-part series entitled “Mysteries of the Universe: The Dharma Initiative.” On an Essential Viewing scale of 1-10, we rate them a 2. Plus you have to watch a KIA commercial first. Nonetheless, we include the link here. Why? Because we care.


* = ABC doesn’t have a date for the season six premiere, indicating only that it will happen in February. Hence our math on the day countdown was to February 1. If this does not match your countdown calendar, then you are an even bigger “Lost” fan than we are. Congratulations, we suppose. This video is for you.


3 thoughts on “166 Days And Counting…

  1. I’ve decided, for once, to go scuttlebutt-less for season 6 of Lost – no rumors, no spoilers, nothing to taint my virginal eyes and ears for the final season of my favorite show. I’m way way too excited about this show but cannot help myself.

    On a tangential note…
    For those of you unaware, Lostpedia is leading a Lost ReWatch – essentially a number of bloggers watching the entire show from the first episode through season 5, scheduled to be completed just before the season 6 premiere. More important to those of us without the time to watch all of these shows, they’re blogging and podcasting about it. Suffice it to say my iPod is on a steady diet of Lost podcasts, and my reading includes healthy doses of the blogs. Yummy.

    It’s especially cool because these folks are reviewing the show with “season 5 eyes”, acknowledging what we know now and reevaluating what is being seen again with all of our new knowledge in mind. Since the opening scene of the season 5 finale changed the way we must think of everything that has happened before, I find these new considerations fascinating. Reconsidering the character of Locke alone – the way he thinks, his motivations and influences, new perceptions of his actions – is well worth the time.

  2. Yes!

    That’s a great post and an appropriate return point after my broken computer induced absence.

    I’m going to go read all of the links now.

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