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Things To Love About Ohio: Fewer Vanity Plates

From the AP:

The downshifting in the economy has been accompanied by a decline in sales of Ohio vanity license plates. 

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles records show applications for new plates bearing a personal message or the logo of a sports team, college or charity dropped by 277 last year, to a total of about 42,500. It was the first time in three years that the number went down. 

In theory, we don’t have anything against vanity plates, only dumb vanity plates. The ratio of dumb vanity plates to total vanity plates is, as you might imagine, quite high. Plates like 2ND BENZ, FSTR N U, IH8WORK, DPORTEM, IN2PL8Z and NA HE DNT. Dumb.

But there are good plates out there too. Consider MMMBACON, E COLI, 0-60IN4, and (though we wouldn’t put this one on our car) RUBN1OUT.

So while times are tough in Ohio and unemployment is still going the wrong direction, we do look forward to seeing fewer dumb vanity plates on the road. Perhaps those who are considering buying one will turn to this blog for suggestions on what — or what not — to put on their plate. We invite our readership to offer suggestions.


9 thoughts on “Things To Love About Ohio: Fewer Vanity Plates

  1. There’s a bright yellow hummer parked on the street by my office all the time with the plate HUMMONIT. I’m hoping the classy man who drives it asks me out soon.

  2. On my first car, a 1986 Monte Carlo deathtrap, mom actually got me the license plate RCKNRLL as a surprise.

    Not as direct as DORKCAR, but as effective.

  3. how would the Prius I saw at the gas station, during rush hour, with the plate KYOTO play out?

    The best vanity plate ever is HIIMTAD. Or NRAFEVA,

  4. My favorite Cincinnati plate was SPOILT, hanging from a decades old Subaru.

    But yes, HIIMTAD is the best of all time.

  5. Why are there never any Lost posts? I’m paying for THIS? A discussion of vanity plates?

    I refuse to comment anymore until I see another Lost post. With the obvious exception of when I need to bitch at Lunchbox for some inane comment he’s sure to make.

    Or to discover the whereabouts of one Taylor Smith.

    Or if you post something cool.

    Actually, this post was pretty entertaining.

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