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A Word On Monday’s Post

Tomorrow’s post will be the final part of the This Day In Vore History series chronicling Voreblog’s romantic origins. This wasn’t a story we envisioned telling when we began blogging, but we’ve had fun telling it. It seems like you’ve had fun reading it, gauging from most of the feedback we’ve received. We’ve worried at times if this endeavor smacks of self-indulgence, giving the impression our story merits some kind of special attention. We don’t think it does. But we’re suckers for love stories — we always enjoy hearing how our friends ended up together, or even our parents and parents’ friends. While love stories always have some broad similarities, we’ve tried to focus on the specifics in ours: the music and books and places that provided the soundtrack and setting to us getting together. We’ve also, as two people who try as best we can to be Christians on a day-to-day basis, learned a lot about God through meeting one another, and have included that in our story too. The story tomorrow ends at the beginning, when we finally became, in an unspoken understanding at first, a couple. What happened after that is another story we may feel inclined to tell another time. As for this part, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading it.


3 thoughts on “A Word On Monday’s Post

  1. I too LOVE a good love story and have enjoyed learning more about the two of you as you reminisce about your history.
    Not quite sure what to expect, but this entry gave me goosebumps. Something about, “the story tomorrow ends at the beginning, when we finally became…a couple.” EXCELLENT!

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