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Friday Recommends: The Magic Bullet




We doubt we’ve ever had to say this in the past, but today’s Friday Recommends probably requires a disclaimer: We receive no compensation for recommendations made on this blog, be they books, music, movies, websites, Kitty Hooch products, or, as the case is today, the amazing, revolutionary, life-changing Magic Bullet.

We’ve owned our Magic Bullet for almost two years now. The story of how we came to purchase one is somewhat terrifying: Ben made Erin a smoothie using an old blender which was poorly suited to its task. The blender was not quite a foot tall and the blades were only an inch or so long, so bananas and strawberries and blueberries and protein powder would sit on top, largely undisturbed by the underwhelming blending going on beneath where the ice cubes were uncooperative in being blended, thereby preventing the contents above them from mixing into a pleasing liquidy fruit concoction. In addition to these shenanigans, the rubber seal on the blade piece was totally ineffective at its job of keeping the smoothie inside the blender as opposed to oozing out over the base and onto the counter. It was simply a shoddy piece of craftsmanship.

But that wasn’t the terrifying part. On the fateful night when Ben made Erin that smoothie, she began to drink it only to discover there was an unusual ingredient inside. Something that tasted a bit … metallic.

The blade on the blender had broken off into Erin’s smoothie.

Naturally, if your spouse made you a drink and inside it was a sharp metal object that you nearly swallowed, you might have good reason to believe he was trying to kill you.

“ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?” Erin asked in all caps.

Ben, aghast at what he had nearly done, knew the only honest thing to do was apologize and take the blame.

“Honey, I am so sorry. I’ll never let Scooter Thomas make you a smoothie again.”

We promptly disposed of the wretched blender and attended counseling for several months.

After that, our craving for smoothies was so strong that we were ready to invest in another, slightly less life-threatening kitchen appliance. And we, dear reader, found the perfect one: The Magic Bullet.

This baby has it all. It’s quick. It’s convenient. It’s just the right portion size. It’s easy to clean up. The plastic cups have measuring lines so you know exactly how much liquid you’re adding. There are two sets of blades, one of which seems kind of pointless, but hey, no biggie.

The official Magic Bullet website throws around crazy terms like “The Cyclonic Cutting Zone Process” and “High Torque Power Base.” We don’t really care about that stuff. We just care that it makes kick-ass smoothies, of which Ben ingests, over the course of a summer, about 1.6 per day.

We recommend the Magic Bullet not simply as a kitchen tool, but as a marriage saver. Go get yours.


One thought on “Friday Recommends: The Magic Bullet

  1. I personally am a fan of the immersion blender. However, I have recently discovered that freezing fresh fruit to use in smoothies makes ice an unnecessary ingredient in creating the perfect smooth thick fruity summer treat.

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