NBA, sports, Utah Jazz

This is good news.


The Utah Jazz will match the four-year, $32 million offer the Portland Trail Blazers tendered their restricted free agent Paul Millsap, the team posted on its Web site and a league source confirmed to Thursday evening.

Now what happens to Boozer? Do Scott Guldin’s Bulls want him? What about Michael Link’s Knickerbockers? If I were actually friends with a soulless Miami Heat fan, I would ask the same question and insert his/her name here.

And what happens to Portland? Do they go after Lamar Odom? I think this would be a bad idea because I consider Odom a grade A doofus. But he’s a grade A doofus with a championship ring. And after being insulted by the Lakers offer, maybe he’ll be motivated to take a Western Conference rival to the Finals in place of his former team. Or maybe he’ll just violate the league’s drug policy again. Who knows.


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