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Eric Maynor to the Jazz


Hello, Salt Lake City!

I know virtually all of you have been dying to know how Ben felt about Utah’s showing in the 2009 NBA Draft. I apologize for making you wait an entire four days for this report.

I really like Eric Maynor. (Chad Ford called him “the most underrated player in the draft.”) You may recall that he hit the game-winning shot against Duke in the first round of the 2007 NCAA Tournament.

I really like anyone who beats Duke.

I also really like anyone who plays four years of college basketball. The fact Maynor is also VCU’s all-time leading scorer and assists leader is, shall we say, not a bad thing.

Bottom line: I really like Maynor. I think he’ll be a great back-up for Deron Williams and Ronnie Brewer. This doesn’t seem to leave room for Ronnie Price (who I like), but Price had plenty of opportunities last year to leave his mark.

Should we be concerned that Maynor will exact bloody revenge on Jerry Sloan for cutting Maynor’s dad 29 years ago? Somebody needs to make sure he’s not keeping an ice pick in his locker.

As for Utah’s second round pick, the Jazz picked Kosta Koufos Goran Suton out of Michigan State. I like that he’s also a senior. I don’t like that his game is indistinguishable from that of Kosta Koufos. Look for Suton to play in Europe for a couple years, grow a beard, then attempt to be the second coming of Mark Eaton.

I invite fellow NBA aficionados to sound off on how their favorite teams fared in the draft.

Let me also reiterate just how much I hate the Spurs and their savvy front office moves.


4 thoughts on “Eric Maynor to the Jazz

  1. I posted this elsewhere, but I thought I’d share it again here.

    I had a nightmare the other night. Emily and I had somehow been captured by this drug cartel that lived in Deer Park. They kept us and other families at their compound where we were free to go make drug runs, but could not leave or we would be killed. I vividly remember a scene in the dream where Eleanor was walking around this shitty house looking really sad. I woke up really upset. Do you know who the leader of the drug cartel was in my dream? Kobe F’n Bryant.

  2. Of the many, many drug cartels here in Deer Park, I’m not surprised to hear that Kobe Bryant would be leading one of them.

    I bet he’s a terrible drug cartel teammate.

  3. Coach, do you know that Shaka is the head coach at VCU now? Too bad he didn’t get to coach Maynor. Sorry – I feel pressure to write something amusing every time I post but I got nothing.

    What to make of Curry to GS? I would have no problem trading him if it gets us Amare. Crawford, Ellis, Cap’n Jack, Randolph, Amare – that . . . will qualify us for 9th in the West.

  4. Ape man picked up his option with the Jazz – $13 for an oft-injured, chemistry killa? Way to renege on quitting Utah, buddy.

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