Yo La Tengo & The Perfect Wedding Song

Thanks to our friend Jenna for pointing us toward Melissa Maerz’s “Geek Love: Finding the Perfect Wedding Song” (from Double X, the all-female spin-off site from Slate’s XX Factor blog). Maerz makes the case that Yo La Tengo’s “The Last Days of Disco” is “the perfect song” for a first dance (and, Maerz adds, maybe “the most romantic song ever written”). 

Speaking as two geeks whose first dance was also to a Yo La Tengo song ( “Our Way To Fall”), we commend Ms. Maerz and her future husband for impeccable taste. That said, “The Last Days of Disco” is a terrible pick. Maerz focuses on the lyrics, which, yes, are sweet and romantic. There are also the associations and memories she brings to the song, and we know what she’s talking about. You should pick a wedding song that actually means something to you. But as a song, “The Last Days of Disco” is pretty close to undanceable. What’s more, it’d be torture on the wedding guests: It clocks in at almost six and a half minutes, and most of that is a gauzy, somewhat formless warble. Don’t get us wrong — we like the song. But it’s joys are less musical than cerebral. 

There’s still time, Ms. Maerz. Just skip back three tracks on And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out and give “Our Way To Fall” another listen. We’ve posted this before, but here’s the song set to old family Super 8s that someone put together. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Yo La Tengo & The Perfect Wedding Song

  1. I’ve been to two weddings in the last year. Both had “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds as their first dance. Come on, guys. Let’s get original with this. And, honestly, it’s kind of creepy to have a song about an old man staring at a little girl on a bike playing as you slow dance. Just saying.

    As for me, I’m going with Wreckx-N-Effect’s immortal “Rumpshaker.”

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