Voreblog Turns 1

Today is our blogiversary. We started Voreblog a year ago with a few very basic aims: 1) We wanted to write about the books, music, TV and movies that we like, and when necessary those we dislike; 2) We wanted to write something our friends would enjoy reading; and 3) We wanted to write with (hopefully) humor and honesty about being married. 

Besides that, we agreed we’d try our best to write a post a day but observe a blogging Sabbath every Sunday.

Since then, we’ve taken a few unexpected turns; we’ve done our best to follow every one of them. When we began we didn’t anticipate that our cat Scooter Thomas would become a guest blogger, or that we’d tell the story of how we met through This Day in Vore History posts. We didn’t expect to launch an anti-Cincinnati Bell crusade or that Jeremy Piven would become the target of our wrath. We didn’t foresee becoming Nic Cage apologists or that there’d ever be such a thing as Win A Date With Voreblog. And while we hoped our friends would read and occasionally comment, we couldn’t have predicted the characters and personalities that have emerged from Readers Forums and comment threads. You, our friends, are funny people.

We also thought today might be an appropriate time for a slight rebranding. The official name, “What We Talk About When We Talk About Blogging,” has garnered both confusion and criticism. A play on Raymond Carver’s short story “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love,” we realized — and some readers helped us realize this, most notably Eric Bescak — that a more appropriate title would be “What We Blog About When We Blog About Love,” since the conversation we’re having isn’t really about actual blogging as much as it is that “word known to all men” (subtle Ulysses plug!). We’re writing about things we love, and we’re writing about love. So today it’s official.

Finally, In our research for today’s post, we put together a little chart we’ll call “Voreblog By The Numbers.” At the risk of becoming overly self-indulgent, we’d like to highlight just a few statistics before wrapping this up:

 0 – Number of grandchildren we have produced for Jon & Susie Beers since becoming bloggers. (This post is easily the favorite of our “Golden Readers.”)

1 – speeding tickets we’ve racked up since last June 11

1 – colon cleanses we’ve tried in that same time period (this is easily our most reviled post)

2 – extended stays by Winnie the Basset Hound at Chez Voreblog

4 – catnip toys purchased for Scooter Thomas

5 – subpoenas we’ve received to appear at the Hamilton County Courthouse since being robbed in March 2008 (our thief still has yet to be sentenced)

7 – viewings of Twilight by Erin since it was released on DVD

8 – marital arguments which have spilled onto the blog for all to see

10 – posts referencing Christian Bale

11 – Readers Forums to date

13 – posts referencing Nic Cage

19 – comments received on the controversial An Open Letter To Pittsburgh Steelers Fans post

29 – links on our blogroll (you should read all of them!)

59 – comments by Mark Hoobler, the fifth highest total among any individual

62 – comments by Matthew Leathers, #4

63 – pictures we took of ourselves wearing Snuggies (20 of them made the blog)

72 – comments by Eric Bescak, #3

89 – comments by runner-up Scott Guldin

92 – our favorite number!

139 – comments by Andrew Cashmere (We counted. Seriously.)

1,471 – comments to date, total

∞ – our love for you, dear reader


Thanks for reading. 

Blogging will be intermittent to nil for the next week as we vacation in State College, PA. In the meantime, why not read James Joyce’s Ulysses?


28 thoughts on “Voreblog Turns 1

  1. Happy Birthday Voreblog! Plan a dinner with all your blogfriends to celebrate and don’t be shy about telling people about it. You look great! 🙂

  2. WTF? I’m sure my number of posts would have been significantly less if I didn’t hate my practicum placement. Congratulations on helping me procrastinate at work for the past year, Voreblog!

  3. Voreblog- thanks for a year full of great memories. I just re-read the “Open Letter to Pittsburgh Steelers Fans” and laughed out loud again in my office. Keep up the good work!!!

  4. Katie 1 – a fantastic idea. Blog dinner! Though this might not look much different from the typical Cincinnati/Sycamore get-together. Regardless.

    Mr. Cashmere — You should wear your title belt proudly and without a lick of shame. Confession: We hate your practicum placement too ever since it took a dump on our welcome mat.

    Embo — We commend you for being one of the few (only?) Steelers fans brave enough to withstand our fury.

  5. I love this blog. I LOVE IT!

    Second place is first loser, or so say all of my No Fear brand T-Shirts and sweatshirts. And, really, when the person in first wins by a whopping 50, is it even necessary to publish the rest of the list? (Congrats, Andrew Cashmere.)

    I would love to take Voreblog to dinner. I’m buying!

  6. It is indeed lonely at the top, Voreblog. I take comfort in knowing that should I choose a life of mullets, mom jeans and starter jackets I can return to the glorious homeland and be surrounded by other Steeler’s fans.

  7. Watching game seven (of the Stanley Cup finals, you non-hockey-folks) is making me losing a bit of my will to live. I know I’m alone in my love for the Red Wings, at least among your readers. In any case, thank you for giving me something to read in this time of distress. It’s a nice distraction in my current routine of throwing my hands up at the television and throwing my German book on the floor.

    Happy Birthday!

    (You’re more than a lousy-hockey-game distraction. That’s just all that’s on my mind right now.)

  8. What’s really kind of sad about my fourth place finish is that I’ve gone out of my way NOT to comment too much as to not seem creepy. If I’d actually commented every time I wanted to,then Mr. Cashmere would have been a distant second.

  9. There’s no shame in commenting! It’s not like you’re stuffing the ballot box. It’s more like there’s too much of you to not be shared, and you’ve chosen to share that too-much with us. Which usually makes our day

    Jenny — Our thoughts are with you in this time of loss. We will never speak of it again.

  10. Congratulations and thanks for writing this blog.

    It’s the only one I go to because: 1. You sent me a link to it and 2. I’m lazy (see #1).

    And in case you haven’t heard, Tad was not the Smith family member that won the cornhole tournament.


    He did win Drunkest Cookout Attendee, though.

  11. We’ve heard pernicious rumors that the cornhole brackets were more fixed than Iran’s presidential election.

    1. An internal investigation has concluded that there were no irregularities in the cornhole bracketing.

      The same investigation also found that I am “awesome” and that Camille is “smoking hot”.

      We fully support the findings of this independent commission.

    1. Unbelievable. We don’t know whether to be thankful or relieved that MS-IFS (Megalomaniacally Self-Important Fan Syndrome) doesn’t inflict Pirates fans.

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