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Our good friends Stephanie Porter and Molly Gillespie were recently in New York City for BookExpo America. One evening while they were doing some literary sightseeing (the New York Public Library, The Strand, etc.) they came across a police barricade. They waited amongst the sidewalk crowd until a car and camera crew sped by. Someone said something about a movie shoot. A movie shoot? Steph and Molly thought. The crowd dispersed and everyone moved on. 

Steph and Molly continued walking until they noticed another camera crew farther down the street. This crew was surrounding the same car, now parked by the curb. There was a buzz around the scene, and as they approached Molly pulled out her camera. Just before her sightline became blocked by another swarm of onlookers, she snapped this picture.

nic cage nyc

That’s right, folks. It was Nic Cage. Doing a shoot for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. The same shoot that recently involved a car crash at the Times Square Sbarro (reported here thanks to a hot lead from alert reader Brad Daniel).

Fact! Steph and Molly ate at that very same Sbarro. They said it was quite good.

Voreblog and its crack team of freelance reporters and photographers will keep you informed of additional developments regarding The Sorcerer’s Apprentice as they happen.

Screw channel 9; it’s Voreblog who’s on your side.


[photo: Molly Gillespie]


2 thoughts on “Scoop!

  1. In this picture Nic looks like the result of The Dude making sweet love to Paul Giamatti. Which is to say, dreamy. I already can’t wait to see what is unquestionably the best movie ever. Thanks for the scoop, Voreblog!

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