The Hangover & Drag Me To Hell

Ben, who snuck in a double feature this weekend, is going to steal a page from Matthew Leathers’ book and write two two-sentence reviews



THE HANGOVER: As he did in Old School, Todd Phillips brings a subtle aesthetic sensibility to every frame. Broadly defined that sensibility is, “Why shoot this scene with pants when we could shoot it without pants?”



DRAG ME TO HELL: Cat-lovers should avoid this movie at all costs. As should anyone who gets queasy at the thought of a dead gypsy woman vomiting beetles onto Alison Lohman’s face.


Anyone who saw these films with me (or just saw them, period) is welcome — nay, encouraged — to submit his/her own two-sentence review.


9 thoughts on “The Hangover & Drag Me To Hell

  1. I didn’t understand Tad’s review. I will submit for The Hangover. I will not see Drag me to Hell, because I am a cat-, but not an Alison Lohman-, lover.

    This movie is made more special by the way Zach Galifianakis’ character carries his heft with “joie de vive.” That said, this flick contains a whole lot of penn-is.

  2. Man, I’ve heard of the Colbert Bump, but the Voreblog Bump?

    You guys quintupled my traffic for the day and it’s barely the P.M.

    Thanks, brah.

  3. Ooooh, sorry, Coach. We were looking for a two-sentence review and not a haiku. Looks like someone didn’t spend enough time in clubs during college.

  4. The only club I was in college was the”Let’s hang out in the common room because my roommate is banging some chubby chick” society.

  5. An old gyspy lady facesucker leaving a snail-like slobber trail on faces reminds me of something that happened to me once: I was enjoying a movie this past weeked and someone’s hand wound up on my leg, which was quite enjoyable at first but slowly I started to wonder if this was some sly way for one of my friends to let me know their true intentions – needless to say, I realized it was a paw belonging to scooter thomas. Then I threw up.

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