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Numb What?

In case you haven’t gathered, we’ve been spending a lot of time on YouTube lately.


This reminds us how much we liked Spellbound. (And how we wish we could mute everything Tom Bergeron says.)

Erin’s kickball team (Balls Deep) finished its regular season undefeated tonight. And no pulled quads this week!

And here’s to the Pittsburgh Pirates management. Why rebuild for seventeen years when you can do it for eighteen!


(Our endless hours on YouTube also made us appreciate just how many dumb people have appeared on “The Price Is Right” over the years. Proof: Here and here, and this guy bid $250,000 on a Showcase Showdown. We’re speechless.)


4 thoughts on “Numb What?

  1. Q: What do Voreblog and the Orlando Magic have in common?

    A: Both were unaware the Finals started tonight.

    Was I supposed to post my reactions to Game 1 on the thread entitled “Things to Love About Ohio: LeBron James”? Fail.

    But, you know, the youtube clips are cool, too.

  2. I apologize. That was a little harsh.

    I do have some thoughts on the TPIR clips. In the first one the lady is obviously a little mixed up in her first bid. Not the best showing from someone in Contestants’ Row. But the second bid — that was all Drew Carey’s fault! He pointed at her and said her name — what was she supposed to do?! That put Carey in a dead heat with Mike Brown for “people who make Cleveland look really, really bad.”

    The second one, that’s just classic Barker. Yes, that woman was a ditz. But she won! And Bob mouths “I can’t BE-LIEVE it” 49 consecutive times.” A revelation. While we’re here, is there a worse game show host than Drew Carey? Obviously, it’s a Sisyphean task to replace Bob Barker, but here’s exhibit A.

    Drew reacts like he has to pay the money himself. C’mon, man! The dude just won $1M large. Even Joe Buck thought that call was lackluster.

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