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Friday Recommends: Odyssey Funmaries!

The Odyssey Funmaries begin today over at Wandering Rocks. Jerry Grit kicks things off with his piercing textual analysis of Books I and II (Telemachus). Tomorrow Ben tackles Book III (Nestor). Read along for fun! And in preparation for the ultimate goal: reading James Joyce’s Ulysses, beginning June 16. 

Also, who needs Kenny Smith and Chris Webber when you’ve got Scott Guldin and Yellow Thunder? SG and YT bring their own piercing textual analysis of the NBA Playoffs, specifically the Eastern Conference Finals, at the running NBA Playoffs Readers Forum. Did used car salesman/NBA coach Stan Van Gundy pull a rope-a-dope last night? Can you be a Kobe hater and LBJ lover at the same time? How exactly was Mike Brown COY again? And will the Game Six officiating bring back wretched memories of the 2002 Playoffs, Game Six, Western Conference Finals, Kings-Lakers? And why is Yellow Thunder still not on Ben’s GChat list? Join the conversation!


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