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Wandering Rocks: T-Minus 26 Days

You read that correctly. You have 26 days to prepare yourself for the online reading project that is Wandering Rocks.

How are we preparing? Well, we’ve just picked up The Odyssey (Fagles translation) for the first time since college and are rereading that.

We’ve added Red Dawn to our Netflix queue despite remaining baffled as to its inclusion on the Suggested Viewing list. (If it’s got Patrick Swayze, though, we don’t ask questions.)

We’re currently devoting several hours a day to silent meditation, bending our feeble willpower to the monastic levels of singular focus needed to survive what lies ahead.

We’ve also added “Wandering Rocks” to the title index at the top of this page. Plus we wrote our first post, which says nothing about Ulysses but everything you need to know about our leader/moderator, Jerry Grit, and his trustworthiness and fortitude as a Joycean scholar. Rest assured, fellow travelers, he knows the path.


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